November update

November update

Vice-Chancellor update - November 2018

Sue looks forward to the challenges, and the fun, festive times ahead.

Once Bonfire Night is out of the way, and the days get so short, it always seems like a long haul through the last weeks of teaching. But this is a crucial time for our third year students, in terms of their learning and of their assessment of us which we will see in the NSS. I know that you will make the next few weeks challenging but rewarding for students and that you will make sure that they are listened to and heard when they have queries or questions. It is also the perfect time to ask our first year students to reflect on the ways in which they have changed and grown, even in the few weeks they have been with us. Thinking back to their arrival at Bath Spa and their expectations of themselves and of us should put us all in the right mood for a break!

Many thanks to everyone who has taken time to contribute to the 2030 Strategy work we have been doing. We have over 250 postcards, 785 staff surveys and almost 900 student surveys, plus post-its and posters filled with ideas. We will start to share what we have found from this intensive listening phase of the strategy work once we are into the New Year.

We are also finalising our financial planning, to understand how the fall in student numbers this year affects our budget in the short and medium term. It is clear that we need to save money, but how and how fast we will share with you as soon as we have a sturdy plan. The University is in a strong financial position overall but needs to be in control of its spending, and to spend less than we take in as income from our diverse activities. The Augur review of student finances will be published in the New Year, and may make significant changes to our income base, but we will do some forecasting for now and wait to see what the outcome of that work is, and whether the Government can respond to it in the final run-up to Brexit.

On a more cheerful note, as we come up to the Festive Season there will be much scope to enjoy each other’s company, whether that be at some of our end of year productions, at our Carol Service or at one of the staff events. The Bath Christmas Market will be in full swing soon, some of our third year textiles design and fashion students will have a stall, and you may be able to find gifts for even the most difficult of relatives! For now, stay safe and well, enjoy the colder days and let’s run up to the end of the year in a spirit of good will and community.


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