Cyber Security Soc partnership

Bath Spa's Cyber Security Society joins forces with Netitude

Cyber security is something that affects us all. New figures show that cyberattacks are on the rise.

Techopedia defines a cyberattack as "a deliberate exploitation of computer systems, technology-dependent enterprises and networks.”

Now, local tech specialists Netitude and Bath Spa's own Cyber Security Society are joining forces to tackle this issue and help local SMEs, which could be more vulnerable than large organisations because they often don’t have the security capabilities of larger companies. 

Nathanael Mosaku, Sponsorship Manager of Bath Spa's Cyber Security Soc, has an eye on the rise of cyberattacks.

“We all chose to make this society due to our collective interest in cyber security; this is further spurred on by the recent increase in newsworthy cyber security attacks”.

The society was officially recognised in October 2018 and aims educate those willing to learn, both in the University and in the local community. Members meet every Thursday from 5-7pm, and together they learn about cutting edge cyber security measures and ethical hacking with the help of co-sponsor Immersive Labs.

Cyber Security Soc partner Netitude is an IT support company based in Frome. Netitude offers technology solutions and support to businesses across the South West. 

This sponsorship is an exciting opportunity not only for Netitude and students at Bath Spa University, but also for the wider community. Everyone involved hopes that this will give users and businesses the skills and knowledge to defend themselves from cyber attacks. Netitude's Managing Director, Adam Harling, sees this partnership as an investment in the future of technology and cyber security. He told us:

“The opportunity sounded perfect and directly in line with our mission of growth through technology. Education is, in our view, the most important area to focus on”.

During this first year of sponsorship, Netitude is helping out with the Cyber Security Conference in May 2019, offering additional monetary support and through finding suitable vendors to speak at the event.

The event will be held at the Bath Spa University Commons Building. It starts at 7pm and is open to SMEs in the South West and further afield, students wishing to learn more about cyber security, and anyone in the wider community interested in learning about the topic.

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