Life as a Fresher

Whether you're coming here from school, college, travel, work or family life, we all start university as Freshers...

As students we all share the same experience when starting university.

Whether you're coming straight from college or work, from a different city or are from Bath, we all start university as Freshers, which means being in a new environment – one filled with unfamiliar faces, excitement and a longing to begin the student journey.

One of the important things to remember when starting university is that although your primary objective is to study, that's not all there is to student life.

Building a stable support system for yourself will help make the next three years more manageable.

This could be in the form of friends, teachers and even the services offered at Bath Spa University, such as Student Wellbeing.

Remember, you're not the only new student – the hundreds of unfamiliar faces you see as you walk into campus the first few days may just be as anxious, scared and excited as you are.

When I started university as a Fresher, having moved three hours away from my hometown of Leicester, I was very nervous and terrified that I'd be alone as I didn't know anyone in Bath.

I found that putting yourself out there is the only way to meet new people, whether that's through joining a society that interests you (mine is the Afro Caribbean Society) or even getting to know your flatmates and meeting people from your course.

Not only that, but I found that having a place where you can feel free and relaxed just to gather your thoughts and meet up with friends is something that I always enjoyed. My place of peace is the river park by Pulteney Bridge, as I love the sound of water.

Finally, I'll end by saying what I wish someone had said to me before I started university:

Take advantage of all the activities during Freshers' Week – go out, meet people and have fun – but as always remember to be safe and pace yourself.

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