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New student? Here are five things you can do for your wellbeing

Visit our Health and Wellbeing welcome page for more information. 

1. Complete the UniHeads online mental health awareness training

At Bath Spa, we believe it's important to understand and speak with each other about mental health and how to take good care of yourself and others. This short, 30-minute online training session can help to develop your understanding of mental health and what you can do to look after yourself and support others.

Please find half an hour to go through the session, let us know what you think about it, and encourage your friends and housemates to try it out.

2. Complete Quickscan: screening for Specific Learning Differences

If you think you may be dyslexic or have another Specific Learning Difference, you can access an online screening assessment, Quickscan, which is free for all applicants and students. 

This screening tool can suggest whether or not you have indicators of a Specific Learning Difference – if you do, SWS will contact you to arrange a more detailed screening and assessment.

3. Check all of your vaccinations and boosters are up-to-date 

You can check if you’ve had all necessary vaccinations, particularly for MenACWY and MMR, by contacting your GP surgery. They'll be able to arrange any appointments for you should you need to have any further vaccinations.

Don't forget to register with the University Medical Service – this will be your GP service while you're here.

4. Consider taking the Zero Suicide Alliance Training

We understand that suicide is a very sensitive but also real subject for many. We believe in breaking stigma and having open conversations around suicide, and want to give you the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to do the same.

This training lasts approximately 20 minutes, and at times may be uncomfortable, but once completed we hope you'll have a better understanding of suicide, why it happens and what you can do to help prevent it.

5. If you need to, complete the Academic Access Questionnaire 

If you've declared that you have a disability, specific learning difference, an autism spectrum, medical or mental health condition, or if you're a care leaver, estranged from your family, have lived in a Foyer or if you care for someone else, it is useful for us to know a bit more about you.

Here for you

Student Wellbeing Services offers practical support on accessibility and disability, mental health and wellbeing. We also coordinate the University’s Medical Service. Our services are accessible Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm. 

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