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10 things about Student Wellbeing Services at Bath Spa University

Here are ten things about Student Wellbeing that you might not know...

  1. We're a multi-disciplinary team offering a wide range of support.
  2. Services include: bookable mental health consultations, wellbeing advice appointments, mindfulness courses, short-term counselling and referrals to external services.
  3. Already have a mental health diagnosis? Our team can act as a link between the University and local NHS teams.
  4. If you’re not sure who to talk to or what support you need, you can fill out the self-referral form and we’ll work it out together.
  5. You can also drop in and see us in person, email us or give us a call (see below for our contact details).
  6. Part of our job is to: listen to you, help you understand your situation, plan and problem-solve, be a point of contact, and if appropriate, put you in touch with the right people or services.
  7. We believe in good mental health for all, and you don’t need to have an existing diagnosis to get in touch with us.
  8. Current students can find out more or book a Mental Health Consultation online.
  9. We’re also your point of contact for accessibility and disability and the University’s Medical Service.
  10. Our mental health advice takes the form of practical sessions that provide you with tools and techniques to help manage your situation.

Here for you

Our services are accessible Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm. Find our Reception at Sophia, Newton Park.

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