Crowdfunding: Maximising social media

Continuing our Step-by-Step series, Student Fundraising Ambassador Kelly explains how to promote your project on social media

In this digital age, it’s important to use what’s around us in order to talk about what we’re passionate about. This is why social media is one of the most important tools available to a fundraiser. In this article, I’ll take you through some tips and tricks on how to maximise social media in order to get your Launchpad campaign seen by the right people.

Which platform?

Different social media platforms have differing advantages. The way that you use each platform will help you reach potential sponsors. By staying active, posting a lot about interesting relevant topics to your campaign, you’ll keep your social media pages current.

On Facebook, to maximise your chance of getting donations you’ll need to interact with individuals and get them interested in your project. Post information about your campaign to groups. Ask people to share posts and personally message those that you think will be interested. When somebody ‘likes’ a post you’ve written, it will automatically get shared with their friends - so what are you waiting for? Create those engaging posts and have great conversations with people.

Twitter allows you to reach beyond your immediate sphere of influence. If your campaign is centred around a sport, maybe reach out to local sports teams or the local newspaper and ask them to share. Crowdfunding is all about using the networks around us and there is no better way than sharing with the groups that you’re already a part of. 

TIP: Show people what your campaign is all about before you ask for their donations. You need to persuade your audience that your campaign is worth donating to by showing how passionate about your cause.  

Who do I contact?

Everyone in the campaign should start with speaking to their friends, family and those in their immediate bubble. Next, it’s best to move on to contacting people related to your campaign subject and then lastly organisations or companies that could either donate or promote your campaign. Read more about this type of promotion here. (networking post)

What do I post?

Okay, so you know you’re supposed to post frequently but you’re running out of ideas. It’s incredibly common to face this problem when running social media for your campaign, which is why I’ve got a few ideas to help you on your way. 

Start with interesting facts about what you’re raising money for and then move on to more general information around the topic. For example, if you’re raising money to get new boats for the rowing team, you could discuss the types of boat, the equipment needed, rowing as a sport, notable people in the sport and more. Spread passion for what you’re fundraising for. 

Share testimonials from people who have donated and care about your cause, e.g. campaign donor John Adams says, "The rowing society was the highlight of my university life, I’d love to support." 

Try taking pictures and videos of behind the scenes content. To use the rowing society example again - how about a session in action? Or ways that the rowing society has helped the community?

Lastly, notifying those who follow you with donation milestone updates is a great idea, for when you reach 25%, 50% or more. This can also be a call to action asking people to help you reach your next goal. 

TIP: To organise yourself and stay active on your social media, schedule your posts on the weekend for the week ahead. That way you don’t have to worry about posting often through the week. Just remember to check the pages regularly for comments and engage in conversation.

Be brave

I know that not everyone is comfortable with using social media. It can be difficult to figure out what to post and who to reach out to. Hopefully, this article has helped you along the way. The key is to treat social media as a tool for your campaign; it’s essentially an easy way to reach people who wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. If you put in the work and use it in the ways highlighted in this post you’ll definitely see a difference in your final donation total.

You now have all the information you need to build a successful social media presence for your crowdfunding campaign. Social media can be used to connect with so many people, so knowing how to maximise your socials and reach more people with your campaign is vital for successful fundraising. Find out more about planning a crowdfunding campaign or plan your next steps with this post on networking.


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