Crowdfunding: People Power

Wrapping up our Step-by-Step series, Student Fundraising Ambassador Kelly explains how to make the most of your networks

People power is important for fundraising. Networking is a great tool to use when you’re promoting your Launchpad campaign. As you speak to more people the word will get out about your project and you’ll find that more people will want to support you and your cause. Networking can seem a little daunting at first but with the help of this article, you’ll be confidently talking about your campaign to everybody in no time.

Getting started

Before the launch date of your crowdfunding campaign, spread the word to friends and family. Getting people excited about your campaign launch is a great way to create a buzz with people who could potentially turn into donors.

Now your friends and family know about your Launchpad project it’s time to increase your reach and get more involved. Keeping active on social media can help spread the word, however, sometimes you need that extra boost. Reach out to those that you feel could be interested in the subject of your campaign: for example, if you’re fundraising for your university rowing society you could contact the local rowing club, or individuals who you know share your passion for rowing.

"Keeping active on social media can help spread the word, however, sometimes you need that extra boost."


Once you have a small following of people who are interested, the fun doesn’t stop there. Personally message people and ask them if they want more information about your campaign or even discuss your fundraising goal with them. This should prompt them to visit your crowdfunding page and ideally making a donation. In the early days of your campaign, you will need to contact your first donors to encourage them and this will allow your campaign to build momentum.

The more the merrier

Your campaign has gotten a few donations but you’re looking at ways to take it to the next level. Well, good news! There’s a couple of ways we can do just that. If you haven’t done already it’s a good time to use the local groups you might be a part of, for example, uni societies or other clubs and groups. There may also be local news outlets that you can contact, for example, local blogs, radio stations or news stations. Contacting bigger relevant groups and asking them to donate or share is a great way to help too, for example, if your crowdfunding page is raising funds for the Yoga Society, try contacting local yoga groups and studios and ask for their aid.

In good company

If you want to go even further with your fundraising journey, contacting companies and organisations can be a great step. The company should be relevant to your campaign and you should offer them a reward for donating and sharing such as a shout out on your social media platforms.

When writing an email to a company or organisation you should keep it clear and concise - three bullet points at the maximum. Those bullet points should look a little like this:

  • Tell them who you are
  • Tell them what you’re doing
  • Tell them what’s in it for them

"If you want to go even further with your fundraising journey, contacting companies and organisations can be a great step."

There we have it. Practical ways on how to reach out and spread the word about your campaign through people power. Although the idea of contacting different people can seem daunting, networking is a great way to develop new communication skills and will definitely help take your fundraising total to a new level. Keep working hard and you’ll get there in no time.

For more information on setting up your Launchpad campaign check out the rest of the ‘Step-by-Step’ series, from the basics to planning to helpful social media tips. We’ve got you covered.

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