Crowdfunding: what's the big idea?

Student Fundraising Ambassador Kelly explains how to use crowdfunding to get your ideas off the ground

So you want to know a little bit more about crowdfunding? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Crowdfunding is for people who have big ideas, who want to make a difference and for those simply trying to turn their plans into a reality. 

At Bath Spa, the crowdfunding platform Launchpad is available to all students as a free service. It’s a tool that some of your fellow students are already using with great success. I can’t believe I went so long not knowing what crowdfunding could be used for as a student and the possibilities really are endless. 

Sometimes our ideas need some help getting off the ground with financial support and a community of people who to see it succeed - this is where crowdfunding comes in. A crowdfunding page is an online space where you can share your ideas, receive donations and see your project become a reality. There are so many different types of project that a student can raise funds for: community aid, bringing a play or show to life, funding a documentary or event and so much more.

"Sometimes our ideas need some help getting off the ground with financial support and a community of people who to see it succeed - this is where crowdfunding comes in."

What exactly is crowdfunding?

A crowdfunding campaign is a way of raising money for your project through donations from sponsors such as friends, family, members of the public and businesses. After deciding on your campaign idea and publishing your project page, sponsors will donate to your campaign to see the project completed. When creating a page on Launchpad, there are a variety of different ways you can show sponsors why your cause is worth donating to. These could include a video explaining the project, a breakdown of how the money will be spent, rewards for donations and regular updates. Crowdfunding is a really fun way of showing the world what you want to do, getting support for it and achieving your goal. 

Who can start crowdfunding for their project?

We as students have this excellent resource at our fingertips. If you or a group of friends have an idea that you want to bring to life, crowdfunding can help get you there. It’s not just students that this opportunity is open to as well, university staff can also get involved.

How do I get people to donate?

A social media page with fun updates, reminders and posts about your campaign will all help you achieve your donation goal. Watch out for my new ‘Step-by-Step’ series on the ins and outs of crowdfunding to help you get started with planning, promoting and using social media to spread the word. 

With life taking a more digital turn, crowdfunding gives you a virtual soapbox to stand on that lets you reach potential supporters from your computer. Personal messages to family and friends can help get you to get started while contacting organisations to share with their network can help take your campaign to the next level. If you need some initial inspiration, have a look at our platform’s promotion guide. Just remember to be creative and have fun with it.

"No project is too big or too small as long as you have the passion to drive it forward." 

Launchpad is a great resource for the student community and is often overlooked or forgotten about which is why I think it’s so important to spread the word. No project is too big or too small as long as you have the passion to drive it forward. 

If you’ve got any questions, need some guidance or want any further details please email the fundraising team at daro@bathspa.ac.uk or have a browse of the Launchpad website.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create something more than yourself!

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