Mentoring Programme

Mentoring a Bath Spa University student is a rewarding way of helping a talented individual bridge the gap between university and employment.

The Industry Mentoring Scheme at Bath Spa University provides the opportunity for students to network and learn from industry professionals. Our aim is to raise a student’s sights and broaden horizons in terms of career or learning goals, whilst also developing knowledge, skills and personal qualities that are valued by employers.

“It is so reassuring to speak to someone from within a company who will be brutally honest about the job itself and how they came to be there. Without this guidance I feel I would have given up on the career as a whole, but now I am only more determined.”

– English Literature student

What is mentoring?

Each individual mentoring relationship is different according to the needs and objectives of the student. The experience focuses on the student’s professional and personal development. As a mentor your role is to:

  • Impart knowledge about your organisation, job roles and informal networks in your sector
  • Offer different perspectives, drawing on your own experiences
  • Offer support and encouragement
  • Discuss current issues in the industry sector
  • Signpost students to relevant contacts or resources
  • Take the lead and make suggestions at the early stages of the relationship.

You'll encourage students to:

  • Review and reflect
  • Consider different perspectives – challenge and change assumptions
  • Develop a career plan and take responsibility for their own development.

Why get involved?

Networks and contacts are important for all of us, whatever business or sector we're in. Our scheme is a catalyst for bringing people together.

Being a mentor can bring a variety of benefits and opportunities:

  • Access to a pool of potential employees
  • Personal development for staff in terms of developing coaching skills
  • Satisfaction of helping a student to achieve their career aspirations
  • A raised business profile on campus
  • Invitations to University events and collaborative opportunities.

How does it work?

Students self-select to take part in the Industry Mentor Scheme as a co-curricular activity.

You'll commit to mentoring your student over a six-month period across the academic year. Typically, principal contact is through regular face-to-face meeting of an hour’s duration. However, other methods could include Skype meetings, telephone and email contact.

What next?

Students express an interest in the available mentors, from which the pairing process begins. If multiple students express an interest in being mentored by you, we may share their applications with you.

You'll then be introduced to your mentee via email. The mentee will be responsible for driving forward the mentorship and arranging an initial meeting.

Every six weeks, the mentoring team will be in touch to check how the mentorship is progressing and provide further support when needed.

If you have any further questions, please email

"Apart from being really enjoyable, having done the mentoring scheme was a major contributing factor to me getting my current full-time professional writing job.”

– Creative Writing student

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