Alumni department (Bath Spa University)

Bath Spa University's alumni department have been working with us since 2016. Here’s what they have to say about recruiting part-time staff through our Job Shop and attending our Careers and Opportunities Fair.

Why did you get involved with Bath Spa University and what was the outcome?

We worked with the Job Shop team to hire for a part-time role on campus. We've also attended various events, such as the Careers Fair, which have helped us to raise our profile.

What are the tangible benefits for the business and the student?

As an employer, we're able to recruit great student employees who work enthusiastically and passionately. For the students, this increases their confidence in talking to new people, and broadens their knowledge and experience in areas such as data protection, negotiation, processing donations, creating networks and making friends.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

Working with students is wonderful, enjoyable and renews your belief in young people.

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