Cowork Inc

Cowork Inc have been working with Bath Spa since 2013. Here’s what they had to say about recruiting one of our students for a paid internship.

Why did you get involved with Bath Spa University and what was the outcome?

Bath Spa University is a founding partner of The Guild, our first coworking space. It was via this relationship that we heard about the funded placement schemes and recruited our first intern.

What are the tangible benefits for the business and the student?

The Bath Spa scheme was a great opportunity for us to invest in new talent on an affordable basis until the point that our intern had proven themselves (which was pretty quickly). They quickly became part of the team, and have since been taken on as a permanent employee.

We would recommend the Bath Spa intern scheme as a great way to invest in new talent with the financial support of the University. It's been a great way for us to grow our business and find the creative talent we needed.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

A positive experience for us as the employer, and James as the intern.


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