Kapdaa have been working with Bath Spa since 2016. Here’s what they had to say about our Santander SME Internship Programme.

Why did you get involved with Bath Spa University and what was the outcome?

We received funding via Santander Internship Scheme scheme from which we were able to offer a Bath Spa graduate an internship, which we then followed with a job offer.

What are the tangible benefits for the business and the student?

The scheme allowed us to hire a graduate with some financial support during the initial period. For the student, it was a chance to spend three months working in a real business environment. We then offered a full-time job to the student once the internship was over.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

The team were very supportive and made the process very simple for both us as a business and for the student.

The student perspective

Lisa Dillon, BA (Hons) Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors (2010-2014)

Why did you get involved and what does the role entail?

I was inspired by the ethos of the business after receiving an email from their team. I was curious to see how the concept worked and to experience sales, marketing and PR in a small, creative start-up. The role involved researching potential markets, initiating and maintaining client relationships, composing and creating marketing material, overseeing social media, and design development of a product range.

Funded internships, I believe, are critical for graduate students, so I am incredibly grateful for the work being done to provide support. For people like me who need to feel, live and explore their environment before committing to a role, interning is not just the perfect means to experiment, it's a vital tool to develop confidence and craft. It's very difficult in London to survive and intern, so having financial backing has allowed me to discover and develop myself as a designer; that would not have otherwise been possible.

How did you and the business benefit from the activity, and what impact will it have on your future plans?

Having the support improved my confidence and challenged my skills. It has helped me recognise where my strengths lie and made clearer my preferences for a work environment. I improved Kapdaa’s social media status substantially; their product range has since evolved and diversified. I secured new clients from the USA, opening up the American market for the company.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

A journey of self-discovery. 

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