PCGamesN have been working with Bath Spa since 2015. Here’s what they had to say about hiring students and graduates through our part-funded placement schemes.

Why did you get involved with Bath Spa University and what was the outcome?

We began with a small selection of internships working with the Guild co-working hub in early 2015. We were impressed with the quality of graduates that we were working with, and wanted to expand the team as we grew the company from 5 to 15 employees. The Santander funded graduate internship scheme fitted perfectly.

Of the seven internships we've offered, five have led (or will lead) to full-time roles. We've been able to defray the costs of new business plans and test whether they're feasible with a relatively low investment, and then scale up if the business works.

What are the tangible benefits for the business and the student?

The internship schemes we use have enabled us to turn idle business dreams into functional profit with minimal risk. We wanted to test the waters with some video content on PCGamesN's YouTube channel. We understood that the first years of viewership would be slow and that we'd need to keep the costs down while we built momentum. A combination of experienced production people and fresh media graduates have meant we could build our capacity, experiment with new formats and push past the initial growing pains.

What's more, the interns we've hired have been bursting with energy and commitment to the roles: their enthusiasm is infectious. Four out of seven of them have gone on to full-time roles: some have advanced so quickly that they are managing small teams. The three other interns all progressed to full time jobs immediately following their time with us.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

It's an amazing resource for growing small businesses.

The student perspective

Alice Liguori, BA Media Communications (2013-2016)

Why did you get involved and what does the role entail?

I saw the placement advertised on CareerHub, and I'd been following PCGN on Twitter for as long as I could remember. I also wanted to make my first steps into the videogame journalism industry, so it looked perfect. Since joining the team in summer 2016, I have been creating ‘let's play’s, short edits and compiling trailers and gameplay in order to create a foundation for the site's YouTube channel.

How did you and the business benefit from the activity, and what impact will it have on your future plans?

The placement has enabled me to make some new contacts in my chosen industry, and they are further pushing me to pursue my dreams by inviting me to go to games conferences with them. I have also learnt new skills in terms of video editing and how to make the best and most successful YouTube videos. I just can't thank the team enough for creating opportunities like this for students and graduates. It's been fantastic!

There was no video team at PCGamesN before myself and two others joined the team, so we have allowed the business to further expand their reach with a more successful YouTube channel, where they have gained at least 5,000 new subscribers.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

Exciting and beneficial to my future career.


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