Wedding Secret

The Wedding Secret have been working with Bath Spa University since 2016. Here's what they had to say about our Summer Placement Scheme and Graduate Internship Programme.

Why did you get involved with Bath Spa University and what was the outcome?

Through the Bath Spa University internship schemes, we employed two graduates who have done some excellent work on our company website.

What are the tangible benefits for the business and the student?

Our two interns, Daisy-May and Hannah, have both been excellent and we hope we've been able to offer them useful, practical work experience, above and beyond a typical internship. We hope that this experience will aid their future work and prove to be invaluable.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

We've had an excellent experience with Daisy-May and Hannah, who have proven to be very adept individuals in the workplace.


The student perspective

Daisy-May Chivers-Black, BA English Literature and Publishing (2013-2016)

Why did you get involved and what did the placement entail? 

The internship gave me the opportunity to gain experience in the field that I'd like to work in. My work at The Wedding Secret entailed writing advertising style listings for the website. I would then upload these listings to the live site. I was also given the chance to engage in social media marketing.

How did you and the business benefit from the activity, and what impact will it have on your future plans?

During the internship, I got the chance to hone the skills that I'd learnt at university. The opportunity to work on the social media day-to-day really helped to improve my marketing skills in this field. I am now more certain of the type of career that I would like to take on in the future. The work that myself and Hannah put into the social media had very positive results – as was highlighted by the improvement in the statistics.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

Working at The Wedding Secret was a really enjoyable experience that has given me the chance to apply the skills I learnt at university, thus giving me more confidence in my ability.


Hannah Jade White, BA Creative Writing and Publishing (2013-2016)

Why did you get involved and what did the placement entail?

I decided to get involved with the placement scheme as I had done so the year before and found the experience beneficial. As a graduate, I knew I needed to gain experience and further develop my skills – so it seemed a good idea to go for an internship.

My job involved three key tasks on a daily basis. First, calling companies to offer a free, no-obligation trial on the website. Second, writing the content for the listings of the business who signed up to the trial and then uploading this onto the content management system. Finally, helping to market The Wedding Secret via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I create, design and action marketing campaigns to help deliver fresh content that, in turn, helps increase the reach of the business.

How did you and the business benefit from the activity, and what impact will it have on your future plans?

My internship has been extended and I am hopeful that I will be offered a permanent job after the placement has finished. All aspects of my job have greatly developed my existing skills and enabled me to action the skills I obtained while at university in an actual, live business environment. My work has and will result in the increase of traffic to the business, increased sales and spread the word about The Wedding Secret.

Describe your experience in one sentence.

An immensely useful and valuable experience that has enabled me to develop personally and professionally.

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