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Clearing Accommodation – Bath Spa University

Clearing Accommodation FAQs

Wondering how to apply for accommodation through Clearing? We answer your common questions below.

Applying for accommodation through Clearing

If you can't find your answer via the section below, please drop us a line at and we'll be happy to help.

If I accept a place through Clearing, will I be guaranteed accommodation?

If you accept an offer through Clearing, and apply by 1 September, you'll be guaranteed an offer of accommodation.

What is the process of applying for accommodation through Clearing?
  1. Once you've spoken to our call centre and been offered a place, this will then be followed up by an email confirming the offer.
  2. You'll need to self-refer yourself via UCAS - this can be done any time after 1pm on 17 August.
  3. We'll then confirm your place at Bath Spa! We aim to do this as quickly as possible, but please be aware that it could take up to 24 hours.
  4. Once you have your confirmation you can apply for your accommodation via an Expression of Interest form. (This will be available from 8am on Results Day). You'll need to have your Bath Spa Student ID and your date of birth to apply for accommodation.
  5. You must apply for accommodation by 1 September to be guaranteed an offer of somewhere to live.


Will I be able to choose my accommodation?

On the ‘Expression of Interest’ form you'll be able to indicate a basic room preference e.g. shared bathroom, ensuite or studio.  The Student Accommodation Team will make you an offer based on your course location and the lifestyle preference on your ‘expression of interest’ application form. The room will be dependent on what is available at that time.
While we try to match students to their preferences, we can't guarantee that this will always be possible.

Will I be guaranteed a room on Newton Park campus (Gardens/Lakeside)?

No. The accommodation guarantee is for an offer of accommodation not accommodation at a specific location. Please note the majority of first year halls of residence at Bath Spa University are located in Bath, rather than the Newton Park campus.

When will I receive my room offer?

Clearing room offers will start being sent week commencing 21 August. 

Will I be housed with other students from my course?

One of the best things about going to university is the chance to meet all kinds of different people. We don't take your course into account when we're allocating rooms, so if you do end up living with someone on your course, this will be purely by coincidence.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to meet the students on your course at your lectures and seminars. By sharing accommodation with students on different courses it gives you the chance to meet even more people and make even more friends.

If I have a medical condition, can I be prioritised for a room at a specific halls of residence?

If you have specific requirements for their accommodation because of a disability that requires adaptations to a room, or a specific type of room then please contact the Student Accommodation Team as soon as possible on at or 01225 876777, to discuss whether the room you require is available. 

The Student Accommodation Team will work with the student and the Student Wellbeing Service, to try and secure accommodation suitable for the your needs.

However, as room allocations were completed at the beginning of July for students who had BSU as their firm choice institution, some halls of residence will now be fully booked.

If I don’t make a decision about my clearing space until September - will I still be guaranteed accommodation?

A guaranteed offer of accommodation for clearing students is only until 11.59pm on Friday 1 September. After this date rooms cannot be guaranteed but it may still be possible to allocate you a room if any rooms are available.



Will I have to pay a deposit?

If you're living in Bath Spa University managed halls you are required to pay a £250 prepayment of your licence fee to secure your room allocation and confirm your offer. This prepayment is not a deposit and the amount will be taken off over the course of your instalments of the licence fee. Please be aware it is at the discretion of the University as to whether this prepayment would be refundable in the event that you do not move into your allocated room in September.

If you live in halls managed by external providers (Waterside Court, Charlton Court and Twerton Mill) you will also be required to make a prepayment to confirm your room allocation, and you'll receive full information on what you need to provide when you receive your offer.

Will I need a guarantor?

Students who accept an offer of accommodation for a room with Waterside Court, Charlton Court or Twerton Mill will need to provide a guarantor reference.

A guarantor should be a responsible person who will be accountable for paying your rent and any damages should you be unable to make the payments. By signing the tenancy your guarantor will accept joint responsibility for the financial aspects of the tenancy agreement.

What are private halls of residence and what do you mean by external providers?

We offer rooms in our university-managed halls of residence but also rooms in private halls of residence, managed by external housing providers like Unite Students for example.

These are what's known as "nomination properties." This means that you apply to live in them via the University's application process but your tenancy agreement is with the external provider, or third-party provider as they are commonly known. You pay your rent directly to them, not the University.

The University remains involved in processes relating to your tenancy throughout your stay, and you still have access to the same services, like Student Wellbeing for example.

Some of the details around cancellations and your prepayment are slightly different to the standard University policies or process, and this information will be included in your contract, so please read through it carefully. 

UCAS' definition of private halls of residence providers has lots of helpful information.

If I don't want to live in the accommodation I'm first offered, will I be offered an alternative?

No, Clearing students will only be guaranteed one offer of accommodation. If you don't accept this offer, the Student Accommodation Team can signpost you to where to try and find accommodation in the private sector e.g. shared student houses. 

Can I see where I might be living?

Virtual tours of all our accommodation are available on the accommodation web page.

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