Portfolios for Music and Performance courses

Clearing portfolio guidance for a Music or Performance programme at Bath Spa

We look for evidence of your interest in the relevant subject area and how it relates to your own work, how you develop and work through your ideas, and how your practice might benefit from a course of study at Bath Spa University.

Your portfolio should be available as a PDF document or online links to video or SoundCloud that can be attached and sent via email to bsuclearing@bathspa.ac.uk.

Please include:

  • Your full name
  • The course you are interested in
  • Your UCAS Personal ID in the subject line of the email.

Please be assured that the guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive. We do expect and encourage considerable variation in individual presentation, which will reflect the variety of backgrounds and experiences of applicants.

Some courses may also require a telephone or Skype interview, and you will be notified of this as soon as possible following review of your portfolio.

Please find some further tips on what to include by course below.

We look forward to receiving your portfolio!

Guidance by course

BA (Hons) Music

Please submit the following:

  • Recorded performances of two contrasting items of repertoire at Grade 8 level. These may be classical (musical theatre or opera), jazz or world music - approximately 6 minutes in total. At least one of the two items should be performed on your first study (instrument or voice) but you may choose to perform one of the two items on a second study if you wish. You may also choose to play excerpts of pieces rather than entire works.
  • Examples of one (or both) of the following:
    • Original compositions - you should supply a score (this can be an electronic version using Sibelius or similar) and may additionally include an MP3 if you wish
    • Theory work - such as exercises in arrangement, harmony or counterpoint.

BA (Hons) Commercial Music

Your audio portfolio should consist of:

  • Audio portfolio (three tracks) - you should upload original songs or compositions that you have either written or contributed towards in an ensemble context, and each should be no longer than 4 minutes
  • Audio portfolio form - your audio portfolio should be accompanied by a brief description of each of the tracks by completing the questions in the audio portfolio details form.

Submission guidelines

  1. Sign up for free and create a SoundCloud account, and upload your three chosen tracks to your newly created SoundCloud page
  2. Complete the audio portfolio form, completing all questions for all three tracks
  3. When you are happy that your three tracks have been successfully uploaded to your SoundCloud page and you have completed the audio portfolio form, please copy the direct URL link to your SoundCloud page to an email and attach the audio portfolio form form to this email
  4. Send your email containing both the URL link to your SoundCloud page and your attached audio portfolio form to to bsuclearing@bathspa.ac.uk.

BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology

The audio portfolio may consist of up to four tracks and we ask you to offer us further information and background on this form, which should also be completed and attached to your email when you send in your portfolio.

The audio portfolio should represent your compositional achievements to date.

Please note that the material need not necessarily have been completed in your current period of study. We are not seeking evidence of wide stylistic ability, but by all means provide a variety of approaches if this best describes your output.

We hope to hear something that demonstrates that you are listening closely to the music you make and that there is evidence that you have used technology to explore composition and some aspects of production.

Your course may have enabled you to record ensemble playing or bands – but this is not relevant in this instance – it is your own recorded compositions/re-mixes which are of particular interest.

BA (Hons) Theatre and Digital Production

You could include evidence of your involvement in Theatre and Digital Production from one of the following areas:

Costume portfolio:

  • Costume or fashion designs
  • Life and or figure drawing examples
  • Photos or showreels of costume makes, sewing or textile projects
  • Evidence of wardrobe experience on productions, photos of cast, hair, makeup and so on
  • Evidence of working process
  • You may bring one constructed costume sample with you.

Scenography portfolio:

  • Evidence of working within either of the disciplines of scenic design, scenic construction or prop making
  • Designs and working drawings relating to either discipline
  • Photographic, drawn or software based evidence of working process
  • Photographic or showreel evidence of productions or events worked on
  • Photos of finalised designs, makes or builds
  • Evidence of problem solving skills.

Sound portfolio:

  • Recordings of soundscapes worked on
  • Recordings of any shows that you have mixed
  • Evidence of paperwork to go with shows, such as schematics, input lists, equipment lists, stage plans and so on
  • Documentation of written work that might have accompanied the process of a sound design such as screen shots of any Qlab files with recordings if possible - (at least a section if not the whole thing).

Lighting portfolio:

  • Photographs of show lighting that you have engaged with, either as lighting designer or technician (indicate the role undertaken)
  • Example stage lighting paperwork for design and/or planning purposes, for example plans, lists and so on
  • Bullet point list of relevant lighting roles undertaken and duties involved (include show title, venue and any relevant technical details such as equipment you have experience with)
  • Highlights of any work, paid or otherwise, that you have undertaken outside of your school or place of study

Stage management portfolio:

  • Photographic evidence or show reels of productions or events worked on
  • Photographs of props tables, stage props and evidence of stage management paperwork.

BA (Hons) Dance

Please send a range of work with online links in order to support your application for this subject. This should include 2-4 pieces of work (at least two minutes per performance) from your dance repertoire. You should ensure that the material allows you to demonstrate:


  • (Essential) demonstration of your knowledge and ability of 20th/21st century dance styles such as Cunningham, Graham, Release or Ballet
  • We are looking for your ability to work on the ground as well as moving through space.


  • (Essential) creative and performance work in an appropriate contemporary style (school musicals and musical theatre are generally not advisable submissions)
  • (Desirable) examples of your experience in partner or group work, contact improvisation and/or somatic improvisation. If there is more than one person on the footage then it must also be clear who we are observing – you should indicate this with an accompanying note informing us of what you are wearing, where you are in the space, if you are part of a duet trio, solo and so on.

A video statement is also required. You should submit a short video telling us a little about yourself and your feeling towards dance, creativity and performance (resembling a verbal rendition of your personal statement). Please submit your audition via email to bsuclearing@bathspa.ac.uk with direct URL links to your submissions (e.g. on YouTube/Vimeo/Dropbox). Please ensure that the links are not password-protected.

We will evaluate the following qualities:

  • Your understanding of, and ability to work in, a contemporary dance style
  • Technical ability (physical evidence of a dance training to an appropriate level)
  • Focus, alignment, energy and accuracy
  • Commitment and enthusiasm
  • Creativity and originality
  • Ability to work with others.

BA (Hons) Drama

A video statement is required.

You should submit a short video telling us a little about yourself and your feeling towards drama, creativity and performance (resembling a verbal rendition of your personal statement).

Please submit your audition via email to bsuclearing@bathspa.ac.uk with direct URL links to your submissions (e.g. on YouTube/Vimeo/Dropbox). Please ensure that the links are not password-protected.

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