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Chinese Thought and Culture Programme

Summer school

    Applications are now open for Bath Spa's Summer School in China in July 2018.

    • Learn about Chinese thought, culture, history and the arts from leading world scholars.
    • You could take the programme for credit as part of your undergraduate degree course.
    • Funding is available to support all travel costs and programme fees.

    The International Academy for Chinese Thought and Culture is a collaboration between staff at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Peking University and Bath Spa University through the Global Academy of Liberal Arts network (GALA).

    Students from any discipline and in any year of study, including postgraduates, are welcome to apply. Various scholarships are available to support participation.

    No background knowledge about China is required to participate.

    The deadline for applications is 30 January 2018.

    “The trip was infinitely beneficial for me. It was very well organised and involved one fantastic experience after another.”

    Robert Hall, Religions, Philosophies and Ethics student


    What you'll study

    You'll learn about Chinese thought, culture, history and the arts, from some of the leading world scholars in China and the USA.

    You'll receive an introduction to the main schools of thought in China, as well as learning about how Chinese ideas have informed the development of Chinese culture and Chinese arts.

    Part of the trip will involve studying in Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, with staff from Beijing Foreign Studies University. You'll then return to Beijing to visit various historic sites and to learn more about traditional and contemporary art in China from Professors at Peking University.

    The course will also have a practical focus and students on the trip will have the opportunity to learn about and try out various Chinese traditional practices including, for example, Tai chi, meditation, traditional Chinese medicine, calligraphy and the tea ceremony.

    The Beijing trip will also involve the opportunity to meet with some of the top curators and artists in contemporary China.

    Earning credits

    If you're currently in year one or two of a BA course at Bath Spa, you'll be able to take the programme for credit by completing a project at the end of the summer school.

    Your project topic will be developed in dialogue with the programme leader, based on your own interests, and you'll be able to relate what you have learned back to the work you are doing in your own subject(s).

    The module will count for 20 credits in year two or three of your degree.

    Fees and scholarships

    The fees for the programme in 2018 are £1,900 including all travel within China, meals, tuition and accomodation during the programme. Students will arrange their own travel to and from Beijing and can arrange to travel as a group.

    Students are eligible to be considered for a variety of scholarships at Bath Spa including the Outward Mobility Award (up to £2,000), the Santander Mobility Scholarship (up to £1,000) and GALA Scholarships (up to £1,000).

    Students can apply for more than one scholarship and some of our previous students have received full funding to support all travel costs and the programme fees. The application form contains questions on your financial circumstances so that we can help you to apply for this funding when needed.

    “This trip inspired me and has given me so many new ideas for my design work now that I’ve graduated from University.”

    Nicole Anthony, Fashion student

    “I have enjoyed every moment of this trip, learning and experiencing new things every day."

    Olivia Taylor, Arts student

    Programme organisers

    Please get in touch if you have any questions.

    Dr. Sarah Flavel: s.flavel@bathspa.ac.uk
    Dr. Robert Luzar: r.luzar@bathspa.ac.uk

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