Before you get here

Submitted your visa application? You'll have to wait approximately 15 working days before you receive your decision from the Home Office.

Hand luggage

Items to carry with you

You are required by the UK Home Office to carry with you the following in your hand luggage when you come to the UK for the first time as a Tier 4 student in paper form:

  • The original academic qualifications as listed in the evidence text box of your CAS;
  • The original English language qualification the university has used to assess your English; this will also be listed in the evidence text box of your CAS;
  • Your BRP letter (if the visa in your passport is valid for 30 days). This letter is sent to you when you receive your documents back from the Visa Application Centre;
  • Your TB certificate (if required);
  • Your ATAS certificate (if required).

You should also have documents relating to:

  • your studies (letter from your university/college/school, including your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number if you are coming to the UK as a Tier 4 student);
  • your finances;
  • where you are going to stay.

You should also be prepared to answer a few simple questions from the Border Officer.

The UK Border Force have prepared 10 Top Tips to help your entry into the UK to be as smooth as possible.

Make sure you keep us updated with any communications you receive from UKVI; we'll be in touch after you've received your CAS. Here's what you need to do once you have your decision:

Send us your visa

Before you leave your home country and come to the UK, please send us a copy of your visa and BRP decision letter. This will be the visa in your passport titled ‘UK Entry Clearance’ and the decision letter sent back with your documents from the Embassy, Consulate or High Commission.

It's very important to send these to us before you travel so we can double-check the information on the visa and letter is correct and does not need amending. If anything is incorrect on your visa, this may delay or prohibit your entry to the UK at the border or cause further problems once you enter the UK.

Tell us if you are delayed

It's very important that you tell us if you are going to be late arriving to the UK – in particular, if you will miss registration day (where you enrol in the university) or the last course acceptance date stated on your CAS. We will then agree whether or not you are still able to join the course at a later date.

What if my visa is refused?

Firstly, don’t panic! Most refusals for Tier 4 visas are because an applicant forgets to submit a mandatory document or they have failed to hold their maintenance money for what UKVI deem to be 28 days.

The first thing to do is to send us a copy of all the pages of your refusal letter as soon as possible.  We will then read through the refusal notice and advise you on your next steps.

International Compliance and Advice team

We're in place to support you through this period of preparing to travel to the UK, and if you have any concerns or questions during this time please contact us on for specific immigration advice or for anything else related to your immigration status. 

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