Your visa in detail

Additional information about your Tier 4 visa.

Protecting your immigration status

Your Tier 4 visa enables you to study in the UK for the duration of your course, and so long as that continues to be the case, you should experience a smooth, problem free time studying here.  

The validity of your Tier 4 visa rests upon continued sponsorship from Bath Spa, and there are certain occasions where we will not be able to continue Sponsorship; we expect these to be rare but it is important that you are aware of these implications.

Problems will arise for students when they, for example, take extended unauthorised absences, work over their permitted hours per week or overstay their visa. Students should be aware that their visa remaining valid is conditional on them actively studying at the university.  When we have reason to believe you are no longer pursuing active study, breaking the terms of your visa, or where your enrolment is suspended or intercalated we are required by the Home Office to report this and withdraw sponsorship of your visa.  You will then have to leave the UK and this can negatively affect any future visa applications you make to enter the UK.

During your studies

Reporting a change in circumstances

We must notify UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) if any of the following apply to you:

  • You require a visa extension to complete your studies;
  • You leave the UK if you withdraw, defer or intercalate your study;
  • There have been other changes in your circumstances (you've secured a credit bearing work placement, you've had course changes or changes in campus location etc.). 

Resitting an exam

If you need to re-sit an examination, resulting in a period of 60 days or more (not including recognised vacation periods) during which we don't require you to be on-campus, then we must withdraw your sponsorship for this period, notifying UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).  Your Tier 4 visa will no longer be valid and you will be required to leave the UK. In this case, your place will be deferred until the beginning of the next academic session, and you will need to make a new application for a new visa to complete your studies.

If your current leave expires before you have to re-sit an exam

We may issue a CAS for an extension of studies, if:

  1. your engagement on campus is required for the additional period of study;
  2. there is not a period of 60 days or more (not including recognised vacation periods) during which we don't require you to be on-campus.

If you are writing up a thesis or a dissertation

A new CAS won't be issued if this study can be done remotely, without your engagement on campus. Any decision will be made in consultation with the academic department for the course.


Withdrawal from a course

If you are a Tier 4 student and complete your course early, intercalate, withdraw or are withdrawn from your course, then we will report this to UK Visas and Immigration. This will result in your sponsorship being withdrawn, and you will have to leave the UK within 60 days. You will no longer have permission to work during this time.  If you are outside the UK and receive notification your visa has been curtailed, you should not attempt to re-enter the UK as you are likely to be refused entry at the border.

If you have chosen to only withdraw from your course temporarily, you are advised to leave the UK within 60 days and then reapply for a Tier 4 visa. Your previous Tier 4 visa will no longer be valid. You should not use a previous Tier 4 visa which has not yet expired. If you do this, you are likely to be refused entry to the UK.

Failure to enrol

If you've been issued a CAS by Bath Spa University but fail to enrol by the official latest start date, we will report this to the Home Office and your leave to remain in the UK will be curtailed immediately. We'll withdraw any unused CAS.

Early completion, or leaving your course earlier with an exit award

We will notify UK Visas and Immigration of any courses that end before the date as stated on the CAS. This means that you will have to leave the UK within the granted post-course period. This period is four months for courses longer than 12 months or two months for courses that last between six and 12 months.

Changing your course

As a Tier 4 student, your visa is tied specifically to Bath Spa University and the course for which your CAS was assigned.

The circumstances in which you are able to change your course and remain in the UK on your current visa are extremely limited and you must consult with International Advice prior to submitting any request to change your course for guidance on this.

In most cases, if you wish to change your course, you will need to leave the UK and apply for a new visa from overseas.

Lost passports or visas

Lost or stolen BRP card

If your BRP card is lost or stolen, you need to report this to UK Visas and Immigration and apply for a card replacement.  The International Student Advice team can support you throughout this process.

If you lost your BRP card in the UK

You then need to apply for a replacement BRP card within three months of it being lost, stolen or damaged or you will face a fine. You should obtain evidence, e.g. a police report of the loss or theft.

You must apply for a replacement if you have more than 3 months' leave remaining even if you plan to leave the UK soon. If you don't do this you may receive a fine, have your leave curtailed and/or any future immigration applications you make to come to the UK may be affected.

  • £56 for a postal application – give payment details on paper form. Enrol your biometrics at post office within 15 working days of receiving notification
  • £556 for application in person – pay when booking appointment online, give your biometrics at appointment

If you lost your BRP card outside the UK

If your BRP card was lost or stolen while overseas, you must apply for a single-use replacement BRP visa to re-enter the UK. This costs £189. You should obtain evidence, e.g. police report, of loss or theft.  You do not need to provide a CAS for this type of visa.

In most countries this can be done online. A replacement BRP card cannot be issued from outside the UK. On your return to the UK, you will need to apply for a new full BRP within one month or you will face a fine.

Lost or stolen passports

If your passport is lost or stolen in the UK, then you don't need to report this to the UK Visas and Immigration or the police. You need to contact your country’s embassy in the UK to apply for a new passport. Once you get a new passport notify UKVI of your new passport details using form MCC.

If your passport contained your visa vignette for the length of your course, you will need to Apply for transfer of conditions using the TOC form.

  • £223 by post
  • £723 in person – pay when booking appointment online

You will be required to provide your biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) as part of this application. You will be sent a BRP to replace your vignette.

Do not apply if 8 weeks’ leave or fewer left (see TOC guidance). In this case you will need to apply for further immigration permission, if you are eligible, or leave the UK before your leave expires.

If you lost your passport outside the UK

If your passport was lost or stolen while outside the UK, we strongly recommend that you contact us so that we can offer you support. You will need to report this to the police and apply for a replacement passport. Contact your country’s embassy in the country where you currently are for further information.

If your passport contained your visa vignette for the length of your course, you will need to make Vignette Transfer application for Entry Clearance to the UK.  This can be done at the nearest UK diplomatic mission.  For example, if you lose your passport in Paris you can apply for a Vignette Transfer in UK Visa Application Centre in Paris. You do not need to provide a CAS or evidence of funds or qualifications etc. (unless requested by UKVI to show no change of circumstances). However, you should submit a letter from your Tier 4 sponsor confirming you are studying with them in the UK, in addition to a photocopy of your evidence of leave and your police report.

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