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Secure Electronic Delivery (SED)

Please read these instructions carefully before attempting to open an SED document.

1. What is DRM Lite?

DRM Lite allows journal articles and chapters ordered from the British Library to be delivered electronically.

To receive a document though DRM Lite, please fill in the online order form to make an inter-library loan request for a journal article. If it is available from the British Library it will be delivered by DRM Lite.

However there are some occasions when items still need to be delivered in paper form. These include:

  • Articles which are not held by the British Library
  • Whole volumes of a journal title
  • Books.

2. Software requirements

A link to the article will be sent to you by email. In order to view this document you need to have done the following:

To register, please follow these instructions:

  • Click the ‘Register’ option under ‘Don’t have a British Library Online Account Yet?’
  • Complete the registration form (please use your ‘’ email address)
  • Once you have registered, the British Library will send you an email to activate your account; please follow their instructions.

Please Note: if you do not wish to provide your address when registering, you may use the University’s address.

Once you have received another email confirming your registration, please wait approximately five minutes before downloading the document, as the British Library system needs to update with your new account details.

If a download attempt is made straight after registering, we will need to request a new download link. Please email

Please read the DRM Lite FAQs for more information.

Youtube video with instructions on how to download a DRM Lite document is also available.

3. Before you download a DRM Lite document

Before you attempt to open a DRM Lite document please check the following:

  • Software: check your computer has the right software installed and ensure you have registered with the British Library
  • Printers: check your printer is switched on, connected to your computer, and has enough toner to print a multi-page journal article
  • Adobe Reader: if you see an error message ‘Failed to load PDF’ within Google Chrome, try to access the document within another web browser or turn off Chrome’s in-built document viewer. DRM Lite encrypted documents can only be opened within Adobe Reader.
  • Mac users: you will need to set Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer, instead of Preview. If you use Preview, the document will open as a blank page, in which case:
    1. Save the file on your desktop
    2. Go to your desktop, right click (Ctrl+click) on the file and choose to open in Adobe Reader.
    3. If your Mac is not correctly opening the document within Adobe Reader and you receive an error message related to network connection, it could that the machine is running an old version of TLS (Transport Layer Security). The simplest way to resolve this issue is to upgrade Adobe Reader to the latest version.

4. Downloading DRM Lite documents

You will receive a link to your document in an email from the British Library.

The link will take you to a download page.

To open your documents, you must be registered with the British Library. If you have done this, the system will recognise your email address and you will see a box appear to ‘click to download your document’. Enter your username and password.

If you have not registered, you will need to register, then return to the download page after approximately five minutes, to allow the British Library systems time to update, and then enter your username and password.

If the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting the full URL, given at the bottom of the email message, into your web browser.

We recommend that you open and print DRM Lite documents as soon as possible after you receive them. Documents can only be printed once.

Please note:

  • You have 30 days to download the DRM Lite document from the date the email arrives
  • You can only print your document once
  • You cannot copy and paste text from a document.

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