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BA Film and TV graduate Tabi Clarke has turned lockdown to her advantage

Monday, 23 August, 2021

Bath Spa University BA (Hons) Film, TV and Digital Production graduate Tabi Clarke isn’t letting Covid get in the way of anything.

Since we last checked in with Tabi, she’s continued to work at Pinewood Studios on a new Marvel film - all since March this year - and says that she’s been able to turn the lockdowns to her advantage, leading her to a role as a Covid Production Assistant for Disney on a new Marvel film.

“Lockdown actually gave me the foot in the door to the industry as part of the Covid department (that runs like a production department specifically for COVID).”

“It has also been a great way to find out what I want to do and meet different individuals across every department possible - I’ve been very lucky!”

Tabi has been working at Wildflame Productions in Cardiff as an Intern, Runner and then Production Assistant, since graduating in 2020. She says that basically taking every opportunity that came her way, and networking has led her to her current career path.

“I’d say the best thing about what I do now is the people - as much as learning your craft is important, building connections is probably more so! Networking is such a big thing in this industry! I also love how every day is different.”

She’s already set her sights on bigger things too.

“I would love to work on more high end feature films, it’s so exciting! But it would also be interested in high end TV!”

Whatever you do, Tabi says, just don’t give up.

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Thursday, 23 September, 2021

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