2017-03-24 - 70 years

70 years of outstanding teachers


Celebrating 70 years of training outstanding teachers in the South West

Friday, 24 March, 2017

Bath Spa University’s Institute for Education celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and to mark seven decades of training outstanding teachers, it has published a commemorative book.

Called ‘Back to School,’ the book, which is exclusively available at Bath booksellers Topping & Company, is an inspiring journey through the history of teacher training at Bath Spa, featuring new interviews with teacher training alumni and their stories.

The Institute for Education, based at Bath Spa University’s Newton Park campus near Newton St Loe, builds upon a long history of teacher training and excellent education research.

Over 600 undergraduates study at the University each year alongside 500 student teachers and an increasing number of postgraduate students - all committed to building creative, connected education communities focused on bringing theory and research to quality education practice.

Last year the Bath Spa Institute for Education was awarded a grade 1 judgement, representing an “outstanding” provision for its primary and secondary teacher education programmes, and the highest grade that can be given. 

Professor Kate Reynolds, Dean of Bath Spa University’s Institute for Education, said: “We are very excited to announce the launch our commemorative book celebrating Newton Park's 70 year history in training outstanding teachers. The book features an insightful look back at how education at Bath Spa became the Institute that it is today.

“It celebrates those who have chosen to join that most wonderful profession – being a teacher. The book tells the stories of ordinary student teachers who went on to make a difference to hundreds of children and young people. It is a book which shows how a small group of women and men, and one woman in particular Mary Dawson, established a teacher training college in Bath following the devastation of the Second World War. 

The book was recently unveiled at Topping & Company booksellers in Bath where a selection of creative readings took place, followed by a drinks and canapé reception.

The Institute also launched their new education book shelf where customers can buy work from the University’s Institute for Education authors.

Kate continues: “The commitment of our staff to making a difference to children and young people is exceptional and this is reflected in the commitment from Bath Spa teachers in the classrooms where they teach.

“Our mission is to promote excellence and expertise in educational research and professional practice across the globe. We are committed to providing a creative space to encourage innovative educational practice, through the promotion of debate, professionalism, expertise and partnership that creates globally aware, socially responsible and successful learners.

“Education is about change and good educationalists like our teacher trainers here at Bath Spa know how to see change as an opportunity to learn and to grow.  That’s why we do all the routes to teaching here including school direct, SCiTTs, troops to teachers, teach first and we’ll be looking at apprenticeships too.  The more excellent teachers we can train the better and we hope to continue to do so for another 70 years.”

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