2018-09-12 - Art and Design MA Degree Show 2018

Bath School of Art and Design MA Degree Show


Date for your diary: Bath School of Art and Design MA Degree Show

Wednesday, 12 September, 2018

Art and design inspired by environmental waste, travel and the way we see the world will be among the work exhibited at Bath Spa University’s Bath School of Art and Design MA Degree Show, from Saturday 22 to Wednesday 26 September, at its Sion Hill campus.

On display will be a comprehensive selection of work by students graduating with Master’s degrees in Ceramics, Curatorial Practice, Fashion and Textiles, Fine Art and Visual Communications.

Professor Anita Taylor, Executive Dean of Bath School of Art and Design, said: “We have an incredible range of creative talent on our MA courses and we are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of each of our students. The Degree Show provides a wonderful showcase to celebrate the array of original, innovative work made by these artists, curators, and designers, during their postgraduate study.”

Below, we take a closer look at a selection of what will be on display at this year’s free-to-attend event which is open to all members of the public.

Fiona Campbell, MA Fine Art 

Fiona said: “For my MA, I've been working on 'Glut', a set of wrapped, woven and sutured forms made from found and recycled materials. The work relates to issues of waste, our relationship with matter, nature and ourselves - the labour-intensive process is an important element. My interests revolve around interconnections from micro to macro, nature’s cyclical persistence, matter, energy and transformation. Environmental concerns are important to me.

“Thanks to support from the Bath Spa University Enterprise Showcase Fund, I also recently took part in the major European art event, Manifesta12 Biennale. During the event I worked with a team of international architects, artists and thinkers to re-imagine the 10th century qanat waterways under the old city of Palermo, Italy. I created a collaborative performance film piece as part of our final exhibition and I am delighted that this is now showing in a beautiful church crypt in Danisinni in Palermo.”

Charlotte Harryman, MA Curatorial Practice

Charlotte said: “I find inspiration in the relationships between my family and friends. In my art practice, I use my own personal relationships to influence my work, using video to portray this to an audience, which allows them to relate to my own circumstances. Family and friends are a strong influence on my work as I attempt to portray my own perceptions of them, alongside their beliefs of themselves.

“In my curatorial practice, I have embarked on a journey of community-based artwork, creating an art hub in the town I live in, in Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. I started this project not only to expand on the small art presence in the area, but also to create a physical space where art can be shown to local residents. My personal connection to this project has allowed me to create a positive relationship with the community, which has greatly benefited my individual development.

“The Curatorial Practice MA at Bath Spa University has allowed me to explore the physical idea of being a curator, and has given me a better understanding of how to situate myself and my practice within the art world. I have learned how to be a critical curator, not a fussy artist.”

Anna Simson, MA Ceramics 

Anna said: “I make a variety of functional and sculptural ceramics, from cups and bowls to extravagant serving dishes and seed pods. Each is inspired by the colours and textures of my childhood and travels in the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia.

“For my Master's project, I have created an installation of pieces entitled Practically (Dys)Functional. This is a playful study into cup handles and rims, with a subtext of dysfunctionality in relationships.”

Aleks Byrd, MA Fashion and Textiles 

Aleks merges inspiration from traditional patterns with architectural details inspired by her travels and Estonian heritage to create a fresh and fashionable twist on Nordic knitwear.

Her collection is infused with ombre colouring, texture, and movement to create stylish products available for purchase as ready-made or as hand knitting patterns and kits.

Manon Duhamel, MA Visual Communication 

Manon is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Bath, specialising in bespoke brand identities, artefacts, and digital solutions for the creative industries with a particular interest in minimal design and music paraphernalia.

Koyaanisqatsi (1982) is a documentary film directed by Godfrey Reggio, for which experimental musician Philip Glass composed the soundtrack. Finding its roots in the Hopi language, the word 'Koyaanisqatsi' is generally translated as ‘life out of balance’ or ‘life disintegrating’, and is used as the piece's title to sensitise its audience to the shifting nature of our environment.

Manon’s degree show project is based on designing and producing a collector's item which would reflect the themes explored in the film, through materials and processes, while offering a sensory and digital experience relevant to our era.

Entry to the event

The exhibition is free to attend and will be open to the public daily from 9:00am until 5:00pm at the Sion Hill campus, Bath School of Art and Design at Bath Spa University, from 22 – 26 June 2018.

For further information including full dates, times and more works from exhibiting students, visit the Bath School of Art and Design MA Degree Show section of the Bath Spa University website.

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