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Tuesday, 26 July, 2016

Building on its long-standing strength in environmental literary studies, Bath Spa University is launching pioneering MA and PhD programmes in Environmental Humanities.

Led by world-class scholars, Bath Spa University’s Research Centre for Environmental Humanities is dedicated to stimulating and supporting research activity of the highest quality. The new degree programmes will equip students with a wide range of research skills and an in-depth knowledge into this emerging field, whilst opening opportunities to influence environmental change.

The Environmental Humanities is an area of interdisciplinary research that examines the interrelationships among human cultures, social relations, and the physical environment by bringing research in philosophy, politics, art and literature, language, religion, history, human geography and anthropology, into conversation with the natural sciences.

The MA will be the first of its kind in the UK and will explore new disciplinary perspectives through critical focus on key concepts such as ‘the Anthropocene’ - the idea that Earth has now entered a new geological era, indelibly shaped by human activities. Starting in September 2016, the University is offering two fee-waiver scholarships for exceptional applicants.

The PhD offers an outstanding experience for doctoral students, with access to a wide-ranging researcher development programme and opportunities to develop teaching skills by participating in Bath Spa's Graduate Teaching Assistant Scheme. Launching in October 2016, one fee-waiver scholarship is being offered.

Commenting on the introduction of the programmes, Bath Spa University’s Professor of Environmental Humanities Kate Rigby said:

“It is vital to our future, and that of many other species, that we focus on understanding and confronting the socio-cultural dimensions of global environmental change and widespread degradation. Students and researchers in this emerging field have the capacity to drive innovation, challenge perceptions and make change happen. The interdisciplinary nature of our programmes provides the opportunity for broad and rigorous thought on complex socio-environmental issues. This is an exciting step for Bath Spa towards making a significant contribution to the development of this emerging field.”

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