Anthony Head’s SPHERE House Visualisation on MediaWall


Anthony Head’s SPHERE House Visualisation on MediaWall

Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

Anthony Head has been collaborating with other universities on a 3D data visualisation of a terraced house that monitors the health of its residents, which is currently showing on MediaWall at Newton Park Commons.

SPHERE is a £15 million project funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council that researches low cost methods of monitoring health of people in their homes.

Anthony Head has been working with other SPHERE universities (Bristol, Reading, Southampton) to create this visualisation, which could lead to better prevention of accidents, reducing of illness, and improvement in recovery and care, through monitoring residents’ health. Excitingly, the research could ultimately lead to a healthier society and billions of pounds of savings for the NHS.

More information on the SPHERE website

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