Statement regarding Vice-Chancellor Pay

Wednesday, 6 December, 2017

Professor Slade decided to stand down as Vice-Chancellor of Bath Spa University after more than five years of service in the summer of 2017. The University paid Professor Slade a sum which reflected her contractual and statutory entitlements and was considered to represent value for money. Relevant HEFCE guidance was taken into account and legal advice, based on this guidance, obtained. As reported in the University’s Accounts, which were set out in line with the requirements of HEFCE guidance, and which were published in December 2017, payments were made in respect of Professor Slade’s remuneration and other benefits in kind for her final year of employment, and a further termination payment having regard to her contractual and statutory entitlements when she stepped down and including an additional ex-gratia sum.

The Vice-Chancellor's salary at Bath Spa University is determined by the University’s remuneration committee. Members of this committee do not include the Vice-Chancellor or any members of staff. Its members are all independent governors of the University and not paid members of staff.

When determining the salary of the Vice-Chancellor and other senior staff, the remuneration committee is mindful of the need to respond to concerns about excessive salaries and take into account the performance of the University in meeting key performance indicators, the individual contribution of senior staff to achieving the University’s strategic objectives, the need for the University to be competitive in the higher education market, affordability and reputation. Professor Slade's salary when Vice-Chancellor was no greater than the average salary paid to Vice-Chancellors in the UK.

Over the last five to ten years, Bath Spa University has become one of the UKs leading creative universities according to Which? University. Under Professor Slade's leadership, the University was put on a solid financial platform with regular surpluses achieved during her tenure, it invested heavily in developing outstanding facilities, generated a significant increase in research activity and became increasingly international in its outlook and activities.

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