Amira Ahmed – Bath Spa University

Personal statement 

Amira Ahmed has collaborated with Bath Spa University in a variety of ways over the last year. These include developing curriculum, creating content and coaching at the Skills Bootcamps, while also mentoring front-end developers and designers on live projects. She holds a BS and MS in Software Engineering, along with a PhD in Information Retrieval System and Gamification. Amira has over a decade of academic and commercial experience and has lead several projects as a software developer and designer. Her areas of expertise include mobile and web UX design and front-end web technologies such as React JS and React Native.

See Amira's ResearchGate profile.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Information Retrieval System and Gamification
  • BS and MS in Software Engineering

Other external roles

  • Lecturer at QA Ltd.
  • External dissertation supervisor

Areas of expertise

  • Front-end development
  • Mobile development
  • UX/UI Researcher
  • Business Analyst
  • Scientific Researcher

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