Inna Pomorina

Inna Pomorina


Personal statement

Inna is a module co-ordinator for the level 4 module Economics and Globalization. She is also MA dissertations Coordinator. Before joining the University she worked as a Senior Lecturer at St. Petersburg University of Finance and Economy (Russia), where she gained her PhD in Economics, then as a visiting lecturer at the University of the West of England and as a Researcher for Economics Network at the University of Bristol http://www.economicsnetwork.ac.uk/.

Inna's research interests are in the area of the current state of teaching and learning in Economics in the UK and financial literacy of students. She has conducted regular surveys of students, lecturers, graduates and employers to inform the Network's support role and give a voice to the HE Economics community. She is currently involved in 2 EU Tempus projects and in EN collaboration project on Student's expectations. Inna disseminates the results at various conferences and workshops in UK, USA, Australia and Russia.

Inna is also very involved with various aspects of Financial literacy, especially among students and conduct research in this area, writes and talks about it at the conferences. She is pioneering teaching students basics of Personal Finance in her module.

Professional qualifications

  • Inna has a PhD in Economics.

Professional memberships

  • Inna is an Academic Associate and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy and Associate of Economics Network.

Teaching specialism

  • Micro and Macro Economics, Game theory, International Economics and Business.

PhD Research supervision


  • Game theory applications
  • Behavioural economics
  • Financial literacy
  • Use of games and simulations
  • Interactive teaching.

Preferred methods

Broad range qualitative and quantitative methods.

Research keywords

    Economics / Economics education

Research and academic outputs

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