Javier A. Garavaglia


Personal statement

Javier Garavaglia is currently our Senior Lecturer in Commercial Music (BA and Integrated Masters), teaching modules including both practice and contextual/critical studies for levels 4, 6 and 7 at Newton Park Campus. He was previously Associate Professor at London Metropolitan University until 2016, where he led the music area (2005-2014) and was the main designer of the BSc Music Technology (Sound for Media), joining aspects of sound (sound design, music and Foley) together with the moving image, as a double path of employment.

His main professional practice focuses on music and music technologies, in the areas of contemporary music (instrumental and electroacoustic, the latter comprising acousmatic, interactive and multimedia works), popular music, music for film and sound design.

His research is mainly based on his professional practice, and is therefore practice-based and/or practice-led. There are several aspects and topics involved in his research, some of which produced substantial contributions for both the RAE2008 and REF2014, some of which are a combination of practical and textual outcomes in the form of a portfolio.

Areas of research include:

  • Music composition (contemporary instrumental and electroacoustic)
  • Musical narratives: the dramaturgy of music
  • World leading research (practice and textual) in the specific subject of full automation of live electronics processes in interactive electroacoustic music.
  • Sound diffusion/spatialisation in high-density loudspeaker arrays (HDLA).

Academic qualifications

  • Licentiate, Arts & Music (Composition) – Universidad Católica Argentina (equivalent to UK: BA/MA)
  • Professor in Music (all levels, including HE) - Universidad Católica Argentina (equivalent in the UK: MA)
    Postgraduate Diploma, Instrumental and Electronic Music – Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Germany (equivalent in the UK: MPhil)
  • PhD by prior output awarded by London Metropolitan University (2010), on Composition and the Dramaturgy of Music.

Professional memberships

  • Permanent member - GEMA (German society for music royalties)
  • Permanent member - DEGEM (German Electroacoustic Music Society)

Other external roles

  • Composer
  • Music performer

Areas of expertise

  • Music composition
  • Music theory
  • Music technology
  • Audio programming
  • Music performance (viola)

Taught subjects

The following is a list of all subjects taught in the past 25 years in different institutions and countries (levels 3 to 8):

  • Composition and Production of diverse genres of music, for example: contemporary music (instrumental/electroacoustic), experimental, popular (including song-writing), jazz, music for film/video/games, audiovisual installations, soundscapes and radio dramas
  • Musical performance and related technologies, including live-electronics (e.g. Max) including Bio-feedback performances based on different types of biofeedback interfaces, such as EMG (Electromyogram, measuring muscular tension), EEG (Electroencephalogram, measuring brainwaves), GSR (Galvanic Skin Response, measuring mainly humidity in the skin)
  • Computer Music Notation (e.g. Finale), and modern notation techniques (including notation of electroacoustic music)
  • Instrumental arrangement, including principles of orchestration and instrumentation
  • Full Production of tracks and albums, including REMIXES, techniques and context
  • Recording techniques, audio/MIDI sequencing, mixing and mastering
  • Spatial Audio/Diffusion of Sound, including mixes in stereo and in surround sound, e.g. in 5.1, 8.1, and multichannel settings such as High-Density Loudspeaker Arrays (HDLAs)
  • Electronic Digital Instrument Design (synthesisers, granulators, reverberators following Schroeder’s model, diverse effects, such as Wha-Wha, etc.)
  • Music theory, history and analysis
  • Sound art (such as audio and audiovisual installations)
  • Sound synthesis
  • Live Sound
  • Critical and contextual studies in several aspects of music and music technologies
  • Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
  • Audio and Video Codecs
  • Sound design, including Foley ADR and music for films, video and games
  • Sound programming (e.g. via Supercollider, Max, Csound, etc.)
  • Digital audio systems: concepts of MIDI, PCM, FFT; the usage of audio/MIDI interfaces, including different types of interfaces/digital audio transmission such as AES/EBU, S/DIF, Toslink, ADAT, MADI, TDIF, Audio over Ethernet (e.g. DANTE), etc.
  • Microtonality (western and eastern).


Javier's instrumental and electroacoustic music has been performed in important venues worldwide.

The following shows a selection of remarkable international performance venues:

Queen's Hall at Den Sorte Diamant, STUDIO 2 at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, both in Copenhagen (Denmark); the Cercle Municipal Luxembourg (Luxembourg); Tchaikowsky Conservatory in Moscow (Russia); TU Berlin WFS-Hall 0104, Essener Philarmonie in Essen, ZKM - Kubus -Karlsruhe (Germany); Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia (Bulgaria); the Španški Borci concert hall -Ljubljana (Slovenia); Sala Accademica of the Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia di Roma (Italy); Warsaw Academy of Music - Studio 1 (Poland); Auditorio El Aleph at Centro Cultural Recoleta - Buenos Aires (Argentina); Teatro Los Fundadores - Manizales (Colombia); Fulton Hall - Chicago, MOSS ARTS CENTER, Virginia Tech - Blacksburg-Virginia; Loewe Theater NYC and Abrons Arts Center - NYC (USA).

Worldwide recognised instrumentalists and conductors have interpreted his music, such as:

Minguet Quartett (Germany); Ensemble ARS NOVA (Sweden) conducted by André Chini; Luxembourg Sinfonietta, conducted by Marcel Wengler (Luxembourg); Ensemble of the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia Roma (Italy) conducted by Alfredo Santoloci; Ensemble Connecticut College, conducted by Michael Adelson (USA); Esther Lamneck (Tárogató, USA); Lesley Olson (flute, USA); Susan Fancher (saxophone, USA); Christianne Schultz (flute, Germany); Saúl Martín (flute, Argentina); Noah Hock (viola, USA); Lubomir Mitzev (viola, Bulgaria); Borislav Yotzov (bass clarinet, Bulgaria); Kevin Casseday (double-bass, USA); Seung Hye Kim (piano, Korea); Matthew Davies (bass clarinet, USA); Eduardo Deluca (saxophone, Argentina); Jorge Variego (clarinet, Argentina); Nikola Lutz (saxophone and Tárogató, Germany), Klaus Schöpp (flute, Germany); Anja Brezavšček (flute, Slovenia); Matjaž Porovne (violin, Slovenia); Jože Kotar (clarinet, Slovenia); Milan Hudnik (cello, Slovenia); Nina Prešiček (piano, Slovenia); Steven Loy (conductor, USA). 

Research supervision

Javier welcomes applications from students wishing to pursue MA or PhD research in all areas of expertise and teaching listed above. 

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