Jo Chambers – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

I want to tell stories and create scenarios using animals and objects, pattern and colour, translated in drawing and collage. I’m not fussy: this can be done with pen and paper, threads and fabrics, found and donated buttons and beads… whatever I can get my hands on and that inspires me.

Drawing is always where I begin, using marker pens and fine liners. I like simple lines. I’m not really worried about mistakes so a rubber is rarely needed. The creation of uncomplicated marks that become things with a personality never fails to win me over.

What usually follows is for me to use my 1940s sewing machine. Its sole purpose is to create freehand embroidery. The stitch width is controlled with an extra pedal at the knee. Transforming hand drawn lines into embroidery becomes second nature on this wondrous machine.

Fabrics and materials found at car boot sales, charity shops, or which have been either donated or inherited, are more often than not the backgrounds upon which my work sits. Items that once belonged to and have been loved by someone else have always held a fascination for me.

Research and academic outputs

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The Mantelpiece

Goode, A, Johnson, S, Curtis, K, Akram, S, Cappello, F, Chambers, J, Kendall, T, Loder, C, Miles, J and Nicol, K (2011) The Mantelpiece. Bath, UK, 7 - 20 November 2011.

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