Katie Jane Millington

Personal statement

My tenure at Bath Spa University began with a post as Senior Admissions Officer, where I oversaw admissions management for the University's franchised partnership courses and later a large portfolio of single and joint honours courses. In this role I worked to improve communication touch-points and enhance interview/audition processes so as to enhance the applicant experience.

I later progressed to the role of Senior International and Partnerships Officer, where I worked to ensure the University’s new and existing franchised, validated and joint venture partnership provision was fit for purpose, and also oversaw the administration of international financial aid.

In my current role as Student Engagement Coordinator - and in liaison with the Student engagement team and colleagues from across the University - I am responsible for registration, induction and attendance monitoring for the University.

Academic qualifications

  • MEd The University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)
  • BEd Queen's University (Kingston, Canada)
  • BA(Hons) Queen's University (Kingston, Canada)
  • PGCE Queen's University - equivalent to UK PGCE (Kingston, Canada).

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