Kitty King – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at Bath Spa University. Prior to joining Bath Spa University I taught on various Higher Education BA degree programmes that included: Health and Social Care, Social Work, Counselling, Forensic Science, Early Years Education, Childhood Studies, PGCE and Education Studies. My Master research was about Collaborative Learning and the Psychology of Help Seeking and Help Giving Behaviour. I was awarded a Doctorate in Education in 2020.

My doctorate research focuses upon the experience of mature women students caring for those with learning disabilities whilst participating in Higher Education. I have experience in work-based residential education and training in early years care (overseas).

Academic qualifications

  • BSc (hons) in Combined Social Science
  • PGCE in Education
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Professional development
  • Master in Education
  • Doctor of education (EdD).

Skills and experience

Since joining Bath Spa University I led and taught on various modules such as Introduction to Early Childhood Studies where I examine critically with the student the theoretical and research perspectives underpinning how children develop and learn with an emphasis on the holistic approach, the concept of the unique child and relationships in the lives of babies and young children. The module utilises the sociocultural theory to inform the module content and delivery.

I also led and taught the Construction of Early Childhood module were I considered with the students issues of power and inequalities and reasons in which these might affect our understanding of childhood and we consider ways in which preconceptions of childhood can be understood and challenged to promote equal opportunities and social justice. I led and taught Leadership and Team Work in early years module where I reflected critically with the students on underpinning principles and theories of leadership as they apply to early childhood setting and explored and contested understanding of quality in relation to early childhood provision together with competing political and social agenda.

I led and taught the Symbolic Representations: Young Children Making Meaning module where I examined with the students how children socially construct meaning and find ways to make their voice heard. The module utilised the sociocultural theory perspective to analysis meaning making.

Professional memberships

  • Fellowship in Higher Education Academy.

Areas of expertise

  • Social interdependence theory and collaborative learning
  • The theory of the homeplace and its implication on mature students’ participation in Higher Education
  • Feminist conceptualisation of informal caregiving in the family.

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