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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Anne was born in America but has lived and worked almost everywhere in the world.

Things she’s done: kayaked with dolphins, run in the mountains of Colorado, swum in the ice-cold waters off Prince Edward Island, conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, biked up the Gaisberg in Austria, read hundreds of spy stories and action/adventures, circumnavigated the globe by sailboat… (Well, actually, she hasn’t done the last one, but she’d like to.)

Anne has two sons. She writes about real life for real boys. She lives in London but dreams about the coast of Maine, and she likes to pretend she can look out her window and see gulls smashing shellfish on the rocks.

About Lobster Wars

Lobster Wars is a fast-riding adventure story about twelve-year-old Jonathan Lyon, who lives on a quiet island off the coast of Maine. He finds the body of local teen and baseball superstar, Carl Stillwater, on the beach near his house. Carl is face down in the sand, and the back of his head is shot off. Terrified of the men who killed Carl, Jonathan decides not to tell anyone about the murder. As events around him rapidly unfold, Jonathan discovers things about Carl, about drugs, and about corrupt lobstermen and cops – things that make him realise he doesn’t really know his home at all. He has to summon the courage to save himself, his family, and his island. 

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