Allie Bushman

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Allie Bushman graduated from Columbia College Chicago, with a BA in Fiction Writing. She currently lives in Detroit. And, no, it’s not nearly as bad as you’ve probably heard. Doing Just Fine was inspired by the many summer lake towns that dot the state of Michigan, and her struggles with depression and anxiety.

About Doing Just Fine

Sisters Billie and Gus are sent away from their native Chicago for a summer to live with their aunt, uncle, and cousin, in the small Michigan lake town of Sangamon. Billie is angry to be stuck in what she considers b*m f*ck nowhere; Gus is optimistic. Billie plans to sulk and get a job, while Gus plans to keep up her water polo training, read books, and keep to herself. She’s used to keeping to herself. But few summers go as planned, and this one is no exception. Billie meets the charismatic, but damaged Spencer Lyons at a party and spends her time swept up in him. Along the way, she learns about her father, who died shortly after she was born, and his teenage years in Sangamon. Gus, who has always struggled to make friends, falls in with a ragtag group of local teenagers, and their investigation into strange happenings in the town. A believer in conspiracy theories, she finds herself caught in one.

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