Anna Crowe

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Anna lived in five different countries, including Finland, France and Nigeria, and went to seven different schools, so books were her constant companions as she was growing up. She wrote her first series of stories, about two squirrels called Bracken and Fern, when she was seven and living in the Scottish Highlands. And she hasn’t stopped writing since.

Anna now lives in a small village in the Surrey Hills with her husband, two teenage children and a very disobedient but loveable Lakeland terrier called Lettie. She uses her role as a teaching assistant specialising in literacy to share her love of reading and writing.

The Lake received an honourable mention in the United Agents Prize for the most promising writing.

About The Lake

Rebellious Elsa lives in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Her mother wants her to sit inside and sew, but Elsa wants to roam free with her beloved elkhound, Mossi, while she carves animals from the trees and searches for the mysterious wolf who appears to her in times of need.

Five years ago, Elsa and her older sister Helmi witnessed their father drown in a boating accident, which left Helmi mute. When Elsa’s mother insists that Helmi marries the strange young man who comes to their first Midsummer’s Eve party since the tragedy, Elsa fears something else terrible is going to happen… But no-one will listen to her…

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