Anna Simson

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Course: MA Design (Ceramics)

Artist's statement

I make a variety of functional and sculptural ceramics, from cups and bowls to extravagant serving dishes and seed pods. Each is inspired by the colours and textures of my childhood and travels in the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia.

Alongside course-led projects, I worked on two further projects during my time at Bath Spa: a series of sushi sailing ships for the group show The Way We Eat Now at The Holburne Museum, and, in response to the Association of Commonwealth Universities' Summer School theme "Creating greener narratives through the environmental arts and humanities", I was awarded the commission to produce the international delegates' gift. Each attendee was given a unique ceramic rattling seed pod as a visual and symbolic representation of growth, an incubator of fertile ideas, and an embodiment of the conference theme. The pods were dustbin-fired using a combination of materials including recycled waste and compost.

For my Master's Project, I created an installation of pieces entitled Practically (Dys)Functional. This was a playful study into cup handles and rims, with a subtext of dysfunctionality in relationships.

I live and work in Chalford, Gloucestershire, where I now base my ceramics business and run Victoria Works Studios - a space for regular courses, workshops and exhibitions alongside studios for some 20+ artists and makers.

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