Arina Udom

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Media Communications and Psychology

Arina Udom studied Psychology and Media at Bath Spa University as an international student from Denmark.

Arina's Bath Spa story

In Psychology we actually do research; for example, in my last assignment we had to create our topic based on previous research and interview people on that specific subject. I found it fun to interpret the data collected. Throughout the three years we always do projects, but we have started doing our own projects now at the end of our second year.

It’s a very diverse course, you never get stuck doing one topic. I was pleasantly surprised to have Maths integrated in the course for the data evaluation. For my dissertation I am doing a project in which I am interpreting how international students adjust to studying in Bath and how the data differs between countries.

I enjoy Media, as we have free rein for creating our own projects which have to be supported by using any type of social media relevant to the project (e.g. blogs, videos, clips, audio). We combine academic studies with personal creativity.

It's a very gratifying course as we get immediate response from our studies unlike many other subjects. You end up seeing and noticing things when watching a TV program or advertisement that will make you reflect on what you've studied.

The challenging thing is to keep up with the pace as the deadlines come at the same time. Balancing life is key in order to do well. There are so many factors that can really stress you out such as housing, managing money, social life, keeping yourself in balance as it is easy to get overworked. Home sickness is a big challenge for me too as I can't really get on a plane for the weekends whilst most of my friends are going home to their families.

One of my hobbies is to draw a lot. I do a lot of sketches and I keep doing research even though the project has finished. Currently I'm teaching myself neuron science as I'm interested to study in depth the mystery of the brain.

Why did you decide to study in the UK at Bath Spa University? 

My arrival here at Bath Spa University was quite a fortunate one. At first, when I was applying for universities I was jumping between different subjects uncertain as to what I wanted to do.

Then I set my mind upon Psychology, as I'm very curious about how people work, and Media, because we are constantly surrounded by it and the only University that I saw that did these two subject together was Bath Spa.

What is your advice to other international students considering studying at Bath Spa University?

My advice is don’t be lazy and listen to your tutor. especially in Psychology that is limited to 200 seats. Appreciate the aspect of being accepted, not a lot of people get the chance of education. Bath is a wonderful place and the people here are very understanding.

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