Carly Squires

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Brought up in Cornwall, Carly’s childhood was far from ordinary. Her mum died of cancer when she was nine, and from that moment her world felt entirely different to everybody else’s. She would love to connect with today’s children who may feel the same.

In addition to more than three years in local journalism, Carly completed a two-day picture book course with Penguin Books in 2017 and now writes for children’s magazine publisher, Kennedy Publishing. You can find her in Bristol where she lives with her boyfriend, cupboards crammed with tea bags, and a large pile of waiting-to-be-washed-up mugs.

About The Treatment

It’s 2091. Treacherous floods have left New Land’s End isolated from the rest of the UK. Women are hanged for witchcraft, children are forced into marriage, and science is scorned. It might be the future, but it looks a lot like the past.

Fourteen-year-old Alexandra hates it. She hates that Governor Parris rules the island, she hates that her father won’t let her study medicine, and most of all, she absolutely hates that her mother is dead. With nothing left but anger, she runs away into the forbidden depths of the woodland, where she not only finds friendship in two wild orphans and a crow named Crow, but a dark secret about Governor Parris.

Will this knowledge save them all or kill them all?

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