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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

CC’s passion for writing began at age nine with a short story about a vampire who drank milk, followed a few years later by a terrible piece of fanfiction that should probably go straight into the digital equivalent of a shredder. Since then, an English degree, the discovery of a mysterious concept known as ‘editing’, and the MA Writing for Young People have improved matters. CC lives in Cornwall and likes dragons, dinosaurs, and developing an ever-growing mental library of facts about obscure and impractical topics.

About Willemina

At the height of the Victorian science craze, Mina’s first term at boarding school is nothing like she’d hoped it would be. Who’d want to knit and learn etiquette when the boys get to study engineering? They even learn how to use vivium, a chemical that has almost magical properties. Only fellow scholarship girl Bethan agrees that it’s unfair when the teachers tell Mina she can’t take engineering lessons, so together they come up with a plan.

Disguised as a boy, Mina enters a world full of gears, perpetual motion machines, and exploding toasters. And when the engineering teacher announces a big competition, she takes her chance, risking her secret identity and testing her talents in ways she never thought possible.

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