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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Chloë lives in Oxfordshire and works as a secondary school English teacher when she’s not scrolling through Twitter. Her favourite things include her ginger cocker spaniel, festivals, cake, and travelling on a budget. She’s partial to cheese and chocolate, but never together.

‘The Download’ is her debut YA novel and is inspired by her brief experience of online dating and her fascination with modern app technologies. She is now working on her follow-up fantasy YA novel, ‘Kestrel’, but is also quite busy having her first baby.

About The Download

Isolated and alone in a new town following her parents’ divorce, Penny Lane Brown secretly downloads a boy. Although artificial, Adam seems like he will be the perfect escape… gorgeous and supportive, charming and loyal – someone who is truly there for her. Her little secret.

But as Penny falls for Adam, bigger questions arise that she can answer only by facing up to some hard truths: What is it that makes you human? What does it mean to love someone? And who does she want to be?

This is a story about love, technology, family, but most of all: identity. It is a coming-of-age domestic drama for the digital era, full of heart and humour, that is about finding your tribe and finding yourself.

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