Charlotte Taylor

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Business and Management
Country travelled to: Australia

Charlotte Taylor is a Bath Spa University graduate who completed a semester during her second year of the BA (Hons) Business and Management degree, studying in Australia as part of the International Exchange programme.

Charlotte's international story

I decided to go to Sydney because there wasn't a language barrier. My placement has been very valuable, amazing, the best thing I have ever done!

I thought the visa process and medical insurance was going to be a lengthy and tough process but it was very easy and only took 24 hours to process.

The experience gave me an insight into how other universities work which I think is really valuable. Lots of universities work in different ways. The university was very welcoming and the orientation programme as well as other events throughout my time there were very good.

Being so far away from my close family and friends was hard, however Skype helped me a lot. The time difference also became very challenging however I just had to arrange times to speak and it was ok.

My happiest memories of the placement are travelling all around Australia and New Zealand, making friends for life, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and making my CV a bit different to everyone else‘s.

My advice to anyone else wanting to complete an International Exchange is - do it! Make sure you do lots of travelling whilst you are there and really get stuck in and take all opportunities available. Attend all the orientation programmes so you get to know people as soon as possible. Apply early to make sure you get the best choice of places to go as well.

"The experience has been great for my CV. I was able to have something different which is quite important I think in the job market."

Where did you travel to?

Sydney, Australia

Which institution did you attend?

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

What made you choose it?

I decided to go to Sydney because there wasn‘t a language barrier! It was very different to living and studying in Bath. Suddenly I was in a very dynamic and multicultural city, living in China town. It was quite daunting living in a city centre, however it was lots of fun and good to experience living in a different country.

What did you learn?

The experience has been great for my CV. I was able to have something different which is quite important I think in the job market. The different modules I undertook also helped me for my final year back at Bath Spa.

I also managed to get a job out there which was really good as I was able to see what the working environment was like as well. Going to Sydney was good for my confidence as you are, essentially, 'thrown into the deep end' and travelling across the world to study.

"I would recommend an international experience because ..."

It's been very valuable, amazing, best thing I have ever done! Being away from my family and friends was hard at times, however I made lots of friends out there from all over the world, who I still stay in touch with.

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