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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

From the moment Chlöe could read, she devoured stories. From the moment she could write, she filled notebooks. Chlöe has a BA Honours degree in Creative Writing and a Master's in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University. On the Master's, Chlöe completed her first novel, The History of A, B and Me and began writing Mathilde from Hell. There are hints of all the countries she’s visited in everything she writes — beaches, quirky cafés, or foggy backstreets in Le Touquet that inspired Mathilde from Hell. Like her characters, Chlöe can always be found with a coffee in hand.

About Mathilde from Hell

Mathilde’s life got dark and scary very quickly after that night. Desperate to escape her house, she stumbles across the church… dark and abandoned, it looks more like the gateway to Hell.

Orion’s life went from bad to even worse after that night. Desperate to feel like a normal eighteen-year-old, he tucks his sister into bed, leaves the house, and then he finds the little, abandoned church.

At the centre of both their worlds is guilt, anger and the smoking memories of the night that started all of this. Together, in the gloomy church hidden from the rest of the world, they can pretend everything is okay. Aubermont is a small town though, and their lives are more intertwined than they could ever imagine.

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