Daniel Ospina

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Course studied: MSc Environmental Management
Graduating year: 2016
Country of origin: Colombia

Daniel Ospina studied MSc Environmental Management. He was an international student from Colombia with studies in Engineering and Anthropology plus some experience in e-Business solutions and in the airline sector. He has interests in natural capital, circular economy, sustainable development and was involved in community gardens projects. Daniel believes in the power of internet and education to tackle environmental challenges.

Daniel's masters experience

I studied MSc Environmental Management at BSU, a suitable postgraduate course for a wide spectrum of experiences and interests. Hence it is not essential to have academic background or professional skills on environmental areas, as it was my case, but I had a great interest and commitment. After arriving with no specific related experience, with the core modules I started to grasp the complexity of the environmental challenges through different approaches such as human geography, sustainability theory, GIS and waste management, to mention a few. Additionally, by having this varied range of research approaches available to go deeply, the program has the flexibility to be molded for a diverse set of professional paths or research streams.

Through a small class environment, mostly developed around UK and European cases, it presented a set of tools that have been proven successful in managing the impacts of development. This small class atmosphere has positive influences on my overall performance as I have the chance to have closer interactions, and receive constant feedback, from lecturers and other students.

Daniel's international experience

First of all, having an international academic experience is a call to leave the comfort zone. Adapting to a new country, city, culture and sometimes to a new knowledge area appears to be risky and hard work. Surely it is! But I believe that all the effort is worth it. For instance, while I was developing a professional career, also had the yearning of living in a different country and experiencing other cultures. Besides, I wanted to complement my business skills through a postgraduate program. No less important, I wanted to move from a big city of almost 10 million people to a smaller to compare how it feels like. What did I do? Well life is short, so everything at the same time!

Choosing Bath city and Bath Spa University turned out to be a great decision. Things like going everywhere by bike and hardly finding someone speaking my home language have improved my quality of life and have forced me to practice and improve my competence in a foreign language. I have a great environment to focus on my studies and as bonus the city and countryside are lovely to enjoy the architecture, landscapes, parks and bike pathways!

"Adapting to a new country, city, culture and sometimes to a new knowledge area appears to be risky and hard work. Surely it is! But I believe that all the effort is worth it."

Why did you choose Bath Spa University?

I share with the University the importance of creativity to develop student’s potential. I also appreciate the cultural focus, artistic environment and countryside located campus that together generates a great milieu for enjoying the learning experience.

''The best thing about the course I studied was ...''

Definitely the human factor. The course provides a set of lecturers and staff very supportive and keen to help!


Postgraduate Overseas Scholarship, School of Society, Enterprise and Environment Award.


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