Ellie Mawby

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Contemporary Arts Practice
Graduating year: 2015
Job: Marketing and Website Administrator

Ellie has been involved with various creative roles since graduating, particularly roles which encourage interaction between people and art. She now works at a local ethical clothing company where she is responsible for marketing and website administration, and also continues to develop her artistic practice.

Ellie's story

I have been participating in various voluntary creative roles that involved working with teams of people to encourage interaction and participation between people and art. I worked at events that inspired audiences with creativity and ideas and I also interned at a local gallery that allowed me to gain insight into the running of an arts organisation, assist with leading arts workshops and curating an exhibition. With the help of local organisations that encourage young people to engage with the art scene, I was able to dip in and out of projects.

Organisations that were particularly helpful were somewhereto_ (useful for finding free and local art spaces to exhibit), Fringe Arts Bath (for both contributing art and volunteering, the creators of the festival are very thoughtful when it comes to matching your interests/skills with artists and practitioners), and Bath Artists’ Studios (who offer graduate residencies and love when artists volunteer their time to help with their annual Open Studio - which is a lot of fun!)

I now work at a local ethical clothing company where I’m responsible for the marketing and website administration. It’s been insightful to be a part of a creative company that allows me to gain a wide range of experiences- one day I’ll be creating a newsletter to promote a sale, another day I could be putting together an order for the new season’s collection, or taking photographs outside in the sun for social media outlets.

I’ve continued to develop my practice as an artist and use the connections I made whilst at Bath Spa to find out about art events nearby that I can contribute my own work to and remain within a creative network. A great way to stay active with creating art is applying to as many briefs and competitions as possible, I usually stay away from ones that require a submission fee but if I feel like there is a brief that I could really work with then it’s definitely worth investing a bit of money.

I like to keep my mind open to various projects so I can explore multiple outlets all at once so the balance of a job, volunteer role and my own practice works perfectly for me. I do eventually want to focus my time more on residencies and potentially look into going abroad and ideally I’d go to Japan - I’m already learning the language as preparation!


"A great way to stay active with creating art is applying to as many briefs and competitions as possible."

''My advice for current students is ...''

To do as much as you can in those three years. University is the perfect time to explore different avenues that are relevant to your course or interests. As cliche as it sounds, get involved with as many projects and events that are happening locally.

Make connections with people outside of university and use the time between hand-ins and lectures to spend some time doing something that will make an impact. It is definitely worth getting yourself a job, nothing that takes up too much of your time or distracts you from your course but that gives you genuine experience and insight in something you’re interested in.

Volunteering is also a perfect way to get an idea of the type of areas you want to focus on without having to commit too much of your time and being flexible enough to fit in around your studies and social life. It definitely helps once you’ve graduated to say that not only have you studied for three years but you’ve also done something in addition to your course that shows passion and enthusiasm.

''The best thing about the course I studied was ...''

Was the resources available. From the multiple libraries, to the endless workshop spaces, and the tutors on-site, the university provides really broad, multidisciplinary resources for the students.

The campuses were also a real perk while studying - plenty of green spaces at Newton Park, all the vibrant atmosphere of Sion Hill and the quiet calm of Dartmouth Avenue - they were ideal environments to keep focus.

''I recommend Bath Spa because ...''

The campus environment is so important to how students learn and enjoy their time at university and Bath Spa has the perfect combination of nature - lakes, greenery and wildlife - alongside their modern buildings. The relaxed and welcoming environment was so important to me when I was making my decision of where to study and one of the main reasons I chose to study here.

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