Hannah Rials

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

A small-town Southern girl living in a medium-English city, Hannah started writing her vampire trilogy Ascension when she was 12 years old and published when she was 20. Her first novel won the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award in YA New Voice, and her sequel won silver in the Moonbeam Book Awards. After earning her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Hannah moved to Bath for Bath Spa University’s MA Writing for Young People. She loves writing and fills her hours reading, traveling across the globe, baking (no soggy bottoms!), and most especially, adoring dogs… specifically, Corgis.

About The Invisible Century of Evangeline Wyland

From the outside looking in, Evangeline Wyland lives a charmed life as the heiress of Solsikke Plantation. But from the inside looking out, all she can dream of is escape from her wretched father and the crimes that he blames her for.

After years of torment and abuse, a witch curses Evangeline with invisibility on her eighteenth birthday. To break the curse, she must first see the truth. Whatever that means.

With her sunflower pin in hand and her mother’s travel diaries, Evangeline sets out across the world and through the decades to find someone who can finally see her and free her from this miserable, invisible existence.

But finding the truth and being seen isn’t as easy as it sounds, and Evangeline is running out of time.

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