Harvey Bassett

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Course: BA (Hons) Acting
Graduating year: 2015

Harvey graduated with a first class degree.

His recent credits include: Algernon in "The Importance of Being Earnest" and Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet" (both for Blue Orange Theatre), Seagull in "Barred" (Theatre West), Blowtorch in "NightFlyer" (Lion and Unicorn Theatre), James in "Baby" (SLAM King's Cross) and Dorian Gray in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (European Tour, White Horse Theatre). For the past two years, Harvey has performed monologues in "Reprehensible Men Part I" and "Reprehensible Men Part II" (Tristan Bates Theatre), and "Psychopomp" (Canal Cafe Theatre).

"The friends I made are incredibly valuable to me. The experiences we shared are fond memories, both poignant and hilarious."

Harvey's Bath Spa story

I began my three years with a desire to show off. I ended my three years with a desire to engage with the world artistically and communicate to an audience through storytelling. I better understood the things that made me unique and what I had to offer.

Acting at Bath Spa offered me the chance to spend three years learning by doing. I wanted to develop my skills as a performer by applying technique in practice, not just by studying academically (though, by the way, the course's critical theory classes are excellent and hugely influential on my practical technique).

The course provided me with the structure and the tutelage to become a self-motivated, creative and generous performer, with a broad base of knowledge and a practical range of skills. The industry didn't need another show-off. 

"I am most proud of..."

My third year production of "Moonfleece" by Philip Ridley was the culmination of two years of development, both in terms of personal technique and as a member of a close-knit ensemble of peers. It enhanced both and also served as an infectious exposure to the world of new writing in UK theatre, which has been a joy to explore both professionally and as a punter.

"The best thing about the course was... "

The course provides you with the tools to perform, create and communicate in many different ways. It then creates a structure which allows you to focus your development on specific disciplines, while still maintaining your growth as a well-rounded performer and accommodating new interests.

"I recommend Bath Spa because of..."

The beautiful setting, knowledgeable and caring tutors, practically-focused curriculum, wide range of modules and opportunities and decent canteen.

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