Heather Davey

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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Heather grew up all over the UK; from the Welsh coast, to the industrial north, to the bleak fenland. She has a degree in Theology, has worked as a teacher and is now a qualified school librarian (though she doesn’t dress like one). Stories have always been a part of Heather’s life, but when she’s forced to return to the real world she can be found trail running, singing ancient and beautiful music or cooking up a vegan feast – not usually all at once.

Heather lives in Wimborne with her musician husband and two story-hungry children.

About The Colour of Love

1970. District Six. South Africa.
They call me coloured and because of that, they say I can’t love a white boy.
But I do.
They say all races must be kept apart, that what we’re doing is wrong.
But nothing has ever felt this right and so,
I must tell our story.
For my today and your tomorrow.

When Kat, a mixed-race girl from District Six, falls for a white boy, there’s trouble.

Apartheid law makes their relationship dangerous and illegal. But the deeper Kat gets involved, the harder it is to walk away. Should she risk everything for love, or are some things never meant to be?

Inspired by the experiences of Heather's immediate family during apartheid, The Colour of Love is a novel about hatred, love, loss and hope. It was Highly Commended in the Writers and Artists Writing for Children and YA Competition 2019.

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