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Course studied: MA Writing for Young People
Graduating year: 2019

Karen grew up roaming the wild Aberdeenshire countryside, where adventure could be found by its sparkling rivers and crumbling castles. She studied graphic design at Falmouth University before moving to Bath to play at being grown-up, which is actually a bit rubbish when you’re a ten-year-old at heart. As well as middle-grade adventures, Karen writes funny fiction for younger readers, and runs her local Chatterbooks group.

Aurora's Flight was Highly Commended in the Writers & Artists Writing for Children and YA Competition 2019.

About Aurora’s Flight

When Rory discovers a chance to be reunited with her absent mother, the only thing in her way is one hundred miles of wild waterways – and Dad. Then painful memories of when – and why – Mum left soon surface. So Rory hatches a plan: skip her school trip, steal Dad’s narrowboat, and find her mother. It’s the only way to fix things; to show Mum she’s really changed.

But when she finds a stowaway on board, things veer wildly off course. Bruised and evasive, the stowaway – Dylan – has brought trouble. His bag is stuffed with cash, a creepy man is following them, and a flashy cruiser driven by angry thugs is in pursuit. But navigating the busy, summer waterways alone is impossible: Rory needs Dylan’s help as much as he needs hers. As they flee through a maze of canals, Rory must hide from the authorities – and confront her own terrible secret – to reach her mother, before it’s too late.

Aurora’s Flight is a contemporary middle-grade adventure with an emotional heart, which explores how, sometimes, sailing away can help you find your way back home.

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