Laura Taylor

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Course studied: MA Creative Writing
Graduating year: 2020


Laura started writing stories when she was a child, creating her own miniature books complete with illustrations. After graduating with a BA in English, travelling around three continents and working for a luxury tour operator, Laura returned to her imagination by starting to write again and studying the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa. The Sunstone and the Sorceress is her first novel.


Intertwining the storylines of four children from the magical world of Ertha and our own Edwardian England, The Sunstone and the Sorceress is a Young Adult fantasy novel inspired by Norse Mythology and Ancient Rome. In Ertha, Helga is waiting for her father to return from his annual voyage. But her world is about to collapse when a stranger reveals secrets from the past. A thousand miles south, Arius is on the run, framed for murder. Saved by the Emperor’s nephew, Arius is soon drawn into a world of violence. Meanwhile, in 1908, Peter meets Professor Culpepper and his daughter, Ada. The Professor knows something about Peter’s parents, who disappeared in Iceland.

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