Lucy Plummer Hill

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Course studied: BA (Hons) English Literature and Study of Religions
Graduating year: 2012
Job: Sales and Marketing Administrator, UK Ambassador and PR Officer, Copywriter (working at Zest Estate Agents, Daysy and JoyBear).

Lucy started working as an Editorial Assistant at LoveHoney in Bath before she even finished her degree at Bath Spa University. After two and a half years, she decided to take on a new challenge and became an Events Manager, organising the Bath Life Awards. She now freelances for a company looking to break into the UK market alongside working at Zest Property Services.

Lucy's story

Since I left Bath Spa, my working life has been a rollercoaster, in a good way! Around the February of my final year I started thinking about my career options for after graduation, and I decided to use social media to discover local companies and how they worked.

I knew I wanted to stay in Bath, and so I did some research and got involved with local community twitter accounts, which is where I discovered Lovehoney. I tweeted them a few times and eventually emailed and asked if I could work in their Content and Editorial department. They were happy to meet with me despite there being no job openly available, and I was extremely lucky that they were open to adding a new member to their team.

My role initially involved writing product descriptions, blogs and generally supporting the Content team, but I soon progressed into a PR role and worked with external agencies and media companies to get Lovehoney into the mainstream. I worked in both consumer-facing PR (mainly placing products or articles into magazines and blogs) and also business-facing, helping the Trade Team launch own-brand products and promoting exclusive trade deals. The thing I most enjoyed about working at Lovehoney were the great people I got to meet, and that the company was so much fun.

After 2.5 years I decided to move on and take some time to figure out what I wanted to do. I went to work for a digital web agency, but after three weeks realised it wasn’t the job for me. It was a pretty difficult thing to admit I’d made a mistake, but I let them know I wouldn’t be staying. I then went on to work on a freelance basis for an online dating company, writing copy for and project managing around 400 websites in a year.

After this project finished, I went to a networking event run by Creative Bath and met the CEO of local publishing and media company Mediaclash (who produce Bath Life magazine amongst many others). After chatting via email afterwards, I took a 4 month contract to cover an interim period due to a staff member leaving, and with no events experience whatsoever I planned and executed the Bath Life Awards as Events Manager. It was an intense learning curve but I loved it.

When this role ended, I took some time out (and got married!) and put the feelers out for some more freelance work. My main freelance client, Daysy, are a German technology company who produce high tech fertility computers which can be used to either avoid or plan a pregnancy. After almost a year of using the device myself (hormonal birth control is the worst), I decided I loved this product so much I needed to be part of their world. After a few emails and phone calls via Skype, I was offered the position of UK Ambassador and Customer Service Officer. The role is a mixture of offering customer service to English speaking customers and helping to promote Daysy and open up the UK market, as it’s mainly a mainland European market at the moment.

I work for Daysy for 2 days a week at home, and for the other 3 days I work in an office as a Sales and Marketing Administrator for Zest Property Services, an estate agents on London Road. It’s miles away from what I thought I would be doing, but I struggled with working from home every day and felt like I needed to learn a new skill. Selling houses is certainly ticking those boxes!

The journey to where I am today has been full of ups and downs, and to some extent I feel like my CV could be viewed negatively. I’ve had lots of jobs, some only for short amounts of time, and they’ve all been varied in industry. If someone asks me about this, I try to explain that I’d rather spend my life learning new things and gaining skills in several different fields than sit at the same desk every day for 25 years. One day I’m sure I will settle into one career, but for now I’m happy exploring several avenues.

"Don’t worry about trying lots of different things, in different fields - it doesn’t make you flaky. It makes you smart."

''My advice for current students is ...''

… Say yes to as many opportunities as you can, as the more work experience you have, the better. Don’t worry about trying lots of different things, in different fields - it doesn’t make you flaky. It makes you smart. Also make time to meet your lecturers regularly and go over essays. I wish I had done this more often! 

''The best thing about the course I studied was ...''

…was the support I got from my lecturers, and the fact that the campus is so peaceful and quiet. I’m a country girl at heart and it felt like my kind of place!

''I recommend Bath Spa because ...''

… Everyone is friendly, it’s small enough to feel like home yet big enough that the opportunities for your future are plentiful. The lecturers are always there for you and it’s also just a great part of the world to live in!

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